Are Vizio TVs Good And Worth Buying?

Wondering are Vizio TVs good and worth buying? When making a purchase decision, we look for a reliable and long-lasting option that offers quality features at reasonable prices. With so many brands in the market, it is often difficult to decide the best one for you.

High-processing speed, excellent picture quality, top-notch color contrast, and enhanced features make the Vizio TVs best and a top recommendation for streaming and gaming.

Are Vizio TVs Good And Worth Buying?

Read this beginners guide, to learn why Vizio TV is a good choice for home use.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Vizio TVs are well reputed for their long-lasting life of approx. 7 to 10 years. However, the life of the TV and its durability also depends on its usage. If you take care of your device and maintain it properly, it can last longer than average.

Vizio Smart TVs are also durable and affordable. The combination of these two features makes Vizio competitive in the consumer electronics market.

Display Technology

Vizio TV Picture Quality

Vizio TV has cutting-edge display technology which is better than Insignia TV. The OLED 4k technology of Vizio TV has many interesting features that deliver users a super-amazing streaming and gaming experience.

The Vizio Smart TV allows you to control the device with your voice. Using the Chrome-cast-enabled app, you can use and control your TV with your phone and tablet. All Vizio TV models offer 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) image quality and HDR support.


VIZIO 43-inch MQ6 Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV

  • VIZIO’s Dolby Vision HDR Bright Mode
  • AMD FreeSync & alexa compatibility
  • Bluetooth headphone capable

Screen Size

Vizio TV Screen Size Dimensions

The screen sizes of Vizio TV range in the width 22 to 72 inches and diagonal span from 24 to 85 inches. Vizio TV allows you to fit the picture on your screen by changing the aspect ratio.

For a cinematic streaming experience, Vizio TVs offer a range of wide TV screens. We recommend you get Vizio 65-inch TV or Vizio 75-inch TV for live streaming and gaming.

Reasonable Price

Vizio TVs are famous for their reasonable prices from the beginning. They are the best-featured Television without any premium cost as compared to Samsung TV.

The latest launch of the Vizio TV series offers exciting features in an affordable price range. The new series offers great value for money, which has enhanced the credibility of the Vizio brand among consumers.

Smart Interactivity

vizio tv Smart Interactivity

The smart interactivity feature keeps the track of what you stream or play on your Vizio TV.

It is the feature Vizio has launched on all Vizio Smart TVs, allowing the users a more customized viewing experience.

All the data collected about the viewers watching habits is used to make the smart interactivity feature better.

In the latest Vizio TV models, the smart interactivity feature is enhanced with ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology.

If you don’t want your Vizio TV to keep track of what you are watching on your TV, you can turn off the ACR option.

Video Processing

Long-Lasting and Durable

Vizio TV offers top-notch video processing features. While streaming on Vizio TV, users do not experience any picture transition issues.

It features peak brightness, accurate quantum color, eARC support, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Unlike other TVs, Vizio TV adjusts its brightness in a dark and bright environment. Its light output is a 65-inch MQ7 which Vizio refers to as Ultrabright 700.

Vizio has established its name in the TV industry. It is recommended TV brand for its high-resolution colorful flat screens, noise reduction quality, scaling, and incredible contrast displays.

HDMI Ports and Connections

Vizio Smart TV HDMI Ports
Source: PCMag

Vizio TVs have all the latest ports that allow you to easily connect your soundbars, gaming consoles, streaming players, etc.

The sound quality gives the best gaming experience without their being to connect extra speakers or headphones. At reasonable prices, Vizio TV offers more HDMI ports as compared to other brands.

Gaming Features

Gaming on Vizio Smart TV

The smooth motion feature on Vizio TV gives a unique gaming experience to the users. This feature has improved the overall picture quality of Vizio TV for gaming and streaming action-packed movies and TV shows.

It also provides a fluid visual experience which is appreciated by most gamers.

User-Friendly Set-up

Setting Up Vizio Smart TV

You can stream all your favorite movies, shows, music, and scan TV channels on Vizio TV. You can even Screencast your Vizio TV using a phone/tablet/computer.

As compared to other brands, Vizio TVs are easy to set up. Its traditional setup method can easily be followed by anyone.

With the Qwerty keyboard remote, users can browse web applications on their TV. The remote offers extraordinary features and does not require any additional programming. Like other remotes, you just need to insert the batteries.

Smart TV Software

Vizio Smart TV Software

For users to have an amazing streaming experience, Vizio TV offers a user-friendly web-based built-in software.

Vizio Smart TV runs on a framework that integrates the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, Crunchyroll, and other popular applications.

Apart from entertainment, you can also download the Zoom meeting app for your official work.

The latest models of Vizio TV have an easy-to-use built-in Google Chrome web browser.

Users can search for information and receive emails on their TV while being on their comfortable couch in the living room.

You can access all the major social networking sites and internet domains like Facebook and Twitter.

Vizio TV Pros and Cons


  • Competitive prices
  • Good picture quality
  • Low input lag
  • Long life
  • Reliability and durability


  • Few firmware issues
  • Upscaling is not too good
  • Slightly poor HDR Experience
  • Snoops user data

Is Vizio better than LG?

Due to its black uniformity, high contrast ratio, and affordable price, Vizio TV is better than LG TV. However, LG TVs get brighter in HDR and SDR and comparatively offers a better response time. Vizio TV offers amazing display technology and display resolution with a wide range of innovative features for its user.

Are Vizio Smart TVs good for gaming?

The built-on ProGaming Engine in Vizio TV keeps up with the demand of gamers. P series and OLED series, the 4k gaming Vizio TVs have instant response time and low input lag of less than 25ms.

Are Vizio TVs worth buying?

Yes, Vizio TVs are worth buying for users who want to have competitive features at budget-friendly prices. High resolution, scaling, noise reduction, and color contrast are some of its amazing features.

What problems do people face with Vizio TV?

The problems users usually face with Vizio TV include: connecting to the Wi-Fi, screen blinking or black screen, not being able to install the apps, malfunctioning of the remote control, SmartCast not loading, or TV not turning on or TV turning on but picture not showing.

Final Words

If you want to know our verdict, Vizio TVs are the best Smart TVs at affordable prices. It is an excellent choice for streaming movies in dark rooms, thanks to its brightness-adjustment feature. Its wide viewing angles allow the users to enjoy live sports or shows with a large group of people.

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