How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote [2023]


In this article, we will guide you to reset Amazon Fire Stick without remote. It can be done via the FireTV app, USB keyboard, and HDMI-CEC method. 

Your Amazon Fire Stick got stuck on the logo. You have tried your luck with all the known techniques and now, your last resort is resetting it. To add to the mess, you have also lost the remote or the remote has just stopped working. Stuck in a similar situation? We have got you covered.

It is still possible to hard reset your device without a remote. And in this post, we will share all methods that we tried to hard reset Amazon stick. You can follow the same steps to restore Fire TV Stick to factory default settings.

To factory reset the amazon fire tv stick, you can use a Fire TV app, a wireless keyboard, a USB mouse, or by enabling HDMI-CEC. Resetting with the keyboard is the easiest of all. Connect the keyboard and hold the ESC + Right Arrow key for a few seconds and the device will show a reset message.

How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote [2022]

Before we proceed, let us remind you that restoring Fire Stick to original settings means losing all your data, apps, and settings in the process. Therefore, we advise you to take a backup of the passwords before starting the procedure.

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Method 1: Factory Reset Fire Stick Using the Fire TV App

The Amazon FireTV app is handy when your remote is not working or is lost. This application will turn your smartphone into a Fire TV Stick remote. However, for this, you will need stable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step 1: Download Fire TV App

Open Playstore or iOS store to download and install the Fire TV app on your smartphone.

Install the Fire TV app on your phone from PlayStore or iOS App Store

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to a Wi-Fi

Connect your smartphone with the same Wi-Fi network as the Fire Stick.

Step 3: Permit the App to Access Your Local Network

Set the app and click on ‘Sure’ when asked to give Permission.

Fire TV Announcement

Step 4: Connect the App with Fire TV Stick

The app will auto search for nearby Fire TV stick devices. Select your Firestick and connect with it.

Connecting FireTV Remote App to FireStick

If your Firestick is not appearing in the search, use the regular TV remote to go to the settings > network to confirm it is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the phone.

Step 5: Pairing Phone and Fire Stick

A 4-digit pin will be displayed on the TV screen. Pair your mobile device with the Fire TV stick by entering this pin into your app.

Entering 4 digit firestick code

This will pair the Fire Stick and your mobile. You can now operate your Fire Stick with the app and access the settings menu.

Step 6: Resetting the Device

To reset your Fire TV stick with the app:

Tap the “Gear” icon in the top left corner and select “Fire TV Settings”.

Opening Fire TV App Settings
Factory Reset Fire Stick with App

From the next screen navigate and choose ‘My Fire TV’. This menu has a “Restore to Factory Defaults” option.

Selecting My Fire TV Option
Reset to Factory Defaults Amazon Fire Stick

A warning message will pop up on the TV screen. Ignore it and click on ‘Reset’.

Confirming Fire Stick Factory Reset

As a result, your Fire TV will restart a couple of times before the Fire Stick gets restored to default settings.

Important Tip: you can use the same method to use your mobile app as a remote controller to reset your frozen Fire Stick TV.

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can we use this method if the firestick is not connected to Wi-Fi?

No, the above method is only functional when the Firestick is connected to the internet.

But there might be a possibility where the Wi-Fi setup has not been made yet and the remote is also not working or lost. In such a case, you should revert to Method 2 which uses the HDMI-CEC functionality to operate the Amazon fire stick directly from your TV remote.

Keep reading to find out how.

Method 2: Reset Fire Stick By Enabling HDMI-CEC

In case of unavailability of both the Wi-Fi and remote, you can enable HDMI-CEC on your TV.

Since the Fire Stick is connected to the TV via an HDMI port, enabling the HDMI-CEC setting makes the TV remote act as a Fire Stick remote. This is how you will do it:

Step 1: Enable HDMI-CEC on Your TV

Enabling HDMI-CEC on TV

Using your TV remote, go to the settings (gear icon) on your TV and scroll to Display & Sounds.

Keep in mind that most brands keep a different tagged name for the CEC setting. You might need a fire stick user manual to find out what HDMI-CEC is named in your TV settings.

You can also try searching ‘Your device model + how to enable HDMI-CEC’ on Google.

Once you find the name, turn it on.

Step 2: Factory Reset Fire Stick

Now that you have enabled the HDMI-CEC on your TV, you can use the regular smart TV remote and give commands to the Fire Stick.

On your home screen go to:

Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset

Method 3: Factory Reset Fire TV Stick Using USB Keyboard

This method comes in handy when nothing else does. Suppose you have lost/misplaced the TV remote + Fire Stick’s remote + the Fire Stick is not set up to a wifi connection (so that you might reset the Fire Stick device using Method 1). You will then have to use a USB keyboard to control TV instructions.

Step 1: Connect the Keyboard to the TV’s USB Slot

The first step, regardless of whether you are using a wired or a wireless keyboard, is to plug it into the TV’s USB port.

Step 2: Press ‘Escape’ and ‘Right Arrow’ Keys

The next step opens the reset settings by pressing the ‘Escape’ and the ‘Right Arrow’ keys simultaneously and keeping them pressed for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Click on Reset

The screen will display a hard-reset option. Click on reset to start the process. If you don’t select reset, the Fire Stick will reset itself.

Method 4: Factory Resetting Fire Stick Using a USB Mouse

This method is pretty much the same as the USB keyboard’s one.

You will connect the USB mouse to your TV’s USB port and navigate to the settings menu and select:

Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset

The catch is using a USB mouse to reset the fire stick is that you will be doing all the navigation on the guess-based system due to the absence of any on-screen cursor. It will be tricky to tell what icons you are clicking but if you can manage it, you can easily reset your device.

Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse instead of the USB ones?

Yes. you can use a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse instead of a USB. If the Bluetooth keyboards/mouse was previously paired with the Fire Stick, they can be used to reset the device. Otherwise, only USB peripherals can do the task.

Final Words

Once the Fire Stick is reset, it must just do fine now. Set up all the necessary configurations again and get back to enjoying binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on your TV! We hope this guide was of help to you and you would now be able to reset your Fire Stick even without a remote. However, if the device is still acting up, try contacting the manufacturer for it might be a faulty device.


  1. What?

    And how are you going to setup the device without a remote?

    1. You can install Amazon Fire App on your mobile and use it to set up your device.

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