How To Reset Sony Bravia TV To Factory Settings?

The first thing to do when you experience issues with your Sony Bravia TV is to reset the tv to factory settings. Factory resetting can solve many issues in your Bravia TV. Depending on your issue, the methods to reset the Sony TV vary. 

Suppose your TV is responsive, and you can access the menu with a remote but have trouble opening the app or it is crashing. In this case, you can reset your Sony TV by navigating the settings.

On the other hand, if you don't have a remote control or your TV is unresponsive, you can reset it manually. I have mentioned below the methods I tested on my friend's Sony Bravia TV, which worked well.

To reset Sony Bravia TV, press the home button, go to settings, then Customer Support, scroll down and select Restore/Reset option, and choose Factory Reset option.

How To Reset Sony Bravia TV To Factory Settings

The procedure to restoring Sony Bravia TV is a bit different from other Sony models. Follow the instructions below to restore your TV to default settings:

How To Reset Sony Bravia TV With Remote
  • Switch on your Sony Bravia TV.
  • Now grab the remote and press the “Home” button.
  • Navigate to Settings option and then select Customer Support.
  • Move down in the Menu and you will see a Reset option, select it.
  • Now, choose Factory Reset and press OK for confirmation.
  • It will start resetting process.

Turn the TV back on, and now you can set it up from scratch because your Sony Bravia TV will be restored to its factory settings. You can follow the same steps to reset Sony Bravia XR TV.

Resetting Bravia TV Without Remote

The method to reset your Sony Bravia TV without a remote differs slightly according to the TV model. Let’s discuss all models.

  • Unplug your TV from the socket 
  • Press and hold the power button on the TV if your TV has only one button on it.
  • If your TV has three buttons, press and hold the power and volume down keys simultaneously. 
  • Plug the power cord in a while holding the respective buttons. 
  • Within 10 – 30 seconds, a white LED light (a green LED light in TVs with 3 buttons) will appear near the Sony logo. 
  • Release the buttons when you see the respective light. The hard reset procedure has started. 
  • Wait until the factory data reset completes.
  • Your TV will automatically restart twice.
  • Perform setup when the welcome screen appears on your Sony Bravia TV.

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Is There a Reset Button on Sony Bravia TV?

There is no reset button on Sony Bravia TV. However, depending on your TV model, you can manually perform a hard reset by pressing the power button (or volume button on the TV panel). 

How Do I Reset My Sony Bravia Black Screen?

To reset your Sony Bravia TV with a black screen, you can:

  •  Do a power reset
  • Use the buttons on your TV panel to restore Sony Bravia to factory settings.

How Long Does Sony TV Factory Reset Take?

The process of factory resetting your Sony Bravia TV usually takes 30 seconds. However, sometimes the time may extend up to 60 seconds. If it takes more than 60 seconds, there might be some other problem.  

Why Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working?

To perform a factory reset with your remote is quite straightforward. However, sometimes, the process may fail due to some software glitch. To overcome this, you must update the firmware of your TV. If you are unable to update the firmware, perform a forced reset manually. 

Final Words

I hope the methods mentioned above are helpful and you’ll find your Sony Bravia TV working properly after the factory reset. The TV will lose all the saved information regardless of the method you use. You need to set up your Bravia TV from scratch once the data reset process is completed. 

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