How To Add Apps To Sony Bravia TV [5 Ways]

You can enjoy streaming your favorite TV shows, play games, and much more with the help of uncountable apps on your Sony Bravia smart TV.

Some apps are pre-installed on the TV, while you can install apps as per your choice. However, there are limited number of apps available on the Sony Select apps store.

The easiest way to add apps to Sony Bravia TV is to connect a Roku stick, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV to it and download the apps there.

How To Add Apps To Sony Bravia TV

Below we have covered all the possible ways to install the application on Sony Bravia TV. Let’s get started:

1. Installing Apps Using Sony Select

Installing Apps on Bravia TV Using Sony Select

You can use the Sony Select option in the ‘Featured Apps’ section on the Home screen to get the recommended Sony TV apps.

However, the selection of apps in Sony Select is limited. Either the apps are top-rated, recommended for Sony devices only, or a part of paid promotions.

2. Adding Apps To Bravia Smart TV Using Google Play

Adding Apps to Sony Bravia Smart TV Using Google Play Store

You can download new apps on your Sony Bravia TV by using the Google play store.

However, the Google store only shows the apps compatible with your TV.

Some apps are free, while others need you to link your credit card to your Google account.

For installation, open the Google store and either select the app by scrolling down or just type in the name of your required app and install.

Where is the Google Play Store on Sony Bravia TV?

Press the ‘Home’ button on the remote -> select ‘Apps’ -> among the Sony Bravia smart TV apps list, you’ll see ‘Google Play Store.’

If you have a Sony Bravia TV with an android version 8.0 or some TVs with a 9.0 version, you might not immediately find the Google app store in the app section. You can follow these steps:

In the ‘Home’ screen, click ‘Apps’ -> go to the ‘Get More apps’ section. Now you can see the available apps by categories or use the ‘Search’ icon to search for your desired app.

Is There No Search Icon in the ‘Get More Apps’ Section?

If you can’t find a search icon, press the ‘up’ arrow on your remote. The icon will pop up on the screen, click it, and search.

How to Install Apps on Sony Bravia Smart TV from USB or Smartphone

How to Install Apps on Sony Bravia Smart TV from USB

Google play store provides you with countless options of apps to download.

Still, there is a chance that the app you are interested in is not available through the play store.

In such situations, you have the option to sideload the app on Bravia TV using a USB or SD card.

This method is a bit more complicated than using the Google play store or Sony Select apps.

3. Install APK File on Sony Android TV Using USB/SD Card

Install APK File on Sony Android TV Using Flash Drive

You can sideload an APK to your Sony Bravia TV. For this, you don’t need to install a third-party app on your TV. It can be done by using a flash drive.

This is what we did to install the app on the TV by using a USB or SD card, and you can follow the same steps:

  • Download and copy the APK file that you want to install.
  • Connect the USB or SD card to your TV
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Security & Restrictions
  • Now enable the Unknown Sources option under the Device Administration menu.
  • Now return to the home screen and launch the File Manager
  • Navigate the APK file on the USB or SD card
  • Select the file and click Install.

A few moments later you will find the app on your TV’s home screen after the installation.

4. Install APK File Using Your Smartphone

Install APK File on Bravia TV Using Your Smartphone

Install the ‘Send Files to TV’ app on your smartphone and Sony Bravia TV from the play store.

You can either download this app by searching in the app store or open it on your PC and set your TV as the installation target.

Now open the app on your TV and select the option ‘Receive.’ Now on your phone, open the app you want to install on your TV, and press ‘Send.’

A file browser will open on your smartphone. Select the APK file to transfer it to your TV. Once it is transferred, open the App on your TV and install it.

5. Install APK File on Bravia TV from Flash Drive Using Pro-Settings

Use Sony Bravia TV for a more professional purpose, like retail, small businesses, education, or government institutions. You can use the pro-settings mode to easily and quickly install apps using a flash drive.

  • Turn ON the pro-setting by clicking on ‘Apps’ on the Home screen
  • Click the ‘Pro Mode Tool.’
  • Now you will see a banner saying ‘Pro Settings in process’ on top of your TV screen.

You can set your custom settings to save time, and they will remain the same until you decide to change them.

So, to automatically execute the files from a USB drive when it is connected to your TV, change the pro settings to ‘USB drive auto run.’

On the Home screen, click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Pro settings’ -> select ‘USB drive auto run’ -> select the option ‘Install web app.’

Now, whenever you insert your USB having an APK file in it, it will automatically run.

Firstly, insert your flash drive (with an APK file) into your Sony Bravia TV. In the ‘Pro Settings’ options, select ‘Install APK’ -> select the APK file you want to install on your TV -> press ‘Install’ -> you will get a notification of ‘App installed.’

How To Update Apps on My Old Sony Bravia TV

If your TV is set to ‘Auto-Update apps at any time,’ then the pre-installed apps will automatically update to the latest version. You can check the settings by following these steps.

  • Press the Home button on the remote
  • Select ‘Apps’ -> ‘Google Play store’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Auto-Update apps’ -> ‘Auto-Update apps at any time.’

To manually update apps on non-android Sony Bravia TV, you can:

  • Go to ‘Apps’ -> ‘Google play store’ -> click on your profile icon -> ‘Manage apps & games’ -> ‘Updates’ -> you can now select a single app or click ‘Update all’ to update the apps manually.

How Do I Download Google Play Store on My Sony Bravia TV?

You don’t need to download the Google play store on your Sony Bravia TV. All smart TVs powered by Google’s android technology have Google Play Store by default.

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Final Words

So, just like a smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy streaming, playing games, and getting news from the whole world on a big screen. Sony Bravia provides you with endless options to get the most out of your smart TV. From the methods mentioned above and tricks, you can add the apps you can’t find in your TV’s app store. If you don’t know how to add apps to Sony Bravia TV, don’t worry we have shared some quick ways to install apps on any Sony smart TV. I hope by adding these apps, you can enjoy increased fun with your family.

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