How To Turn On ONN TV Without Remote [4 Ways]

You are dependent on the remote to turn the TV ON, set up your TV, and watch your favorite shows. If you are reading this, it means you are in a situation where the ONN TV remote is not working or not available.

No remote doesn’t mean you are going to miss the show. There are ways to control the ONN TV without a remote. That’s what we are going to share in this post. Sometimes the remote don’t work due to some glitches, you can fix that by resetting ONN TV.

To turn ON ONN TV without remote, you can use the physical buttons on the TV panel or download IR blaster remote mobile app. ONN Roku TV users can use Roku remote application.

How To Turn On ONN TV Without Remote

There are several ways by which you can switch ON your ONN TV without a remote and control all its functions.

After testing, we can say these methods are simple and applicable to all ONN TV models. Let’s get started.

1. Power Button on the TV Panel

The easiest way to turn on the ONN TV when the remote is not working is to use the physical buttons located on the TV panel.

You can find these buttons on all standard and Roku ONN TVs. However, the location of the ONN TV power button varies according to the TV model.

It is on the front or back panel either on the left or right sides of the TV.

Just press the power button, and your television will turn on.

Similarly, press and hold this button for 3 seconds, and you can turn your ONN TV OFF without a remote.

2. Control ONN TV Using Mobile App

The second method to turn on the TV without the power button or remote is to use your smartphone as a remote controller.

You can do this by downloading a mobile remote app on your smartphone.

There are many mobile TV remote apps available in the google play store. Choose the appropriate ONN TV remote app that is compatible with your mobile phone.

You can use any remote app if your smartphone supports the IR blaster. After installation, open the app and find your TV brand. You can do it by auto search method or type in the name and model number.

Now follow the instructions and pair your smartphone with the ONN TV, and you are done!

3. Via Nintendo Switch

You can also use your Nintendo Switch to turn ON the ONN TV. If the following settings are enabled on your Nintendo Switch, then whenever you will turn the switcher ON, your TV will also turn ON automatically.

These settings are:

  • Turn ON the Nintendo switch and open the main menu.
  • Select ‘System Preferences
  •  Select ‘TV Settings’ and go to the option Negotiate TV Power State.
  • ‘Enable’ the settings.

Note: It can only be done if you have a portable device dock. If your TV is connected to the portable dock via HDMI and the switcher is also connected to the dock, you can use these steps to turn the TV ON.

Warning: This feature is compatible with Nintendo Switch and OLED versions only. If you have Switch Lite, you cannot avail of this function.

4. Using PlayStation 4

If you have connected PS 4 to your ONN smart TV, you can switch ON your TV without a remote.


Just by enabling the device linking by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the main menu of your PlayStation 4
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘System’
  • Check the box next to the option ‘Enable HDMI Device Linking.’

Now, whenever you will connect and turn your PlayStation 4 ON, your ONN TV will also turn ON.

How to Turn On ONN Roku TV Without Remote

You can turn ON the ONN Roku TV without a remote by installing the Roku app on your smartphone.

It is the best way to control ONN TV without a remote. Let’s elaborate on the steps you need to follow.

  • Click the links below to download Roku application on your smartphone. Click here to download the app for Android or iOS device.
  • Switch ON your TV by pressing the power button on TV’s panel.
  • Connect your mobile and ONN Roku TV to same WiFi connection.
  • Launch the app your mobile sign up/sign in with your Roku account.
  • Choose your device from the list and then tap on the Remote option.
  • You will see a remote control your mobile screen.

You can also use this virtual remote to:

  • Turn up the volume on onn tv without remote
  • Connect ONN TV to wifi without remote
  • Access ONN tv settings without remote


Does an ONN Roku TV Have a Power Button?

ONN Roku TVs have a built-in power button. You can find this button:

  • At the back of the TV. It can either be on the right-hand side or the left-hand side.
  • Middle or left underside of your ONN Roku TV

What Do I Do If I Lost My ONN Remote?

You can control your ONN TV in various ways if you have lost the TV remote.

  • Use the power button on the TV panel
  • Use a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Use your gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

Final Words

ONN smart TVs by Walmart are one of those budget-friendly devices that are most in demand in the USA. Like all other modern devices, ONN TVs also come with a remote. A remote controller makes it easier for you to control your ONN TV. However, it is not the only tool to control the TV. You can use alternate ways to turn the TV ON/OFF. You can use any alternative method mentioned above. However, you can also buy a universal remote if you prefer using a remote.

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