How To Pair Vizio Remote To TV?

You bought yourself a VIZIO remote. That is great! But now the issue is you have to program the Vizio remote to make it functional with your device.

It seems to be a highly complex process, with so many buttons and codes. But this is just a big misconception. It is quite the opposite!

No pairing process has ever been simpler than this except for Bluetooth pairing, of course. Why do we say this? Have a look for yourself.

To program Vizio remote to TV, hold the TV button on the remote until the light flashes twice. After flashing it will remain lit. Search for the device pairing code in the remote’s user manual and enter it using number keys. The light will flash everytime when you will punch the code. LED will turn OFF if the code is correct.

How To Pair Vizio Remote To TV?

For your ease, we divided the procedure into two simple steps. The first step is just a formality, something you need to do before you begin to program your VIZIO remote to any smart TV. The second is the instructions to connect the Vizio TV remote. Let’s get started:

Step # 01: The Prerequisite

This step ensures you have the best experience with your device while using a VIZIO TV remote. Many people have reported issues with the universal programming of some remote models.

Therefore, double-check your model and ensure that the remote you possess does not have this issue. VIZIO P, E, and M series support universal programming. However, if you do not possess one with such a model, then still try out the steps mentioned next.

If the process still does not work, then, unfortunately, the remote is incompatible with your TV. It would be best if you changed the remote.

Step # 02: Step by Step Guide

  • First, note down the codes compatible with your remote and device. Here is the list of VIZIO remote codes for TV.
  • Switch on your Vizio TV manually. If you don’t know how to do that, check this guide.
  • Press and hold down the TV button located under the Input key, until the LED flashes twice.
TV button on Vizio remote control
  • The light will remain lit after flashing, so don’t worry about that.
  • Type in the VIZIO remote universal codes as per your TV make and model number with the number pad on your remote.
  • With each number you type, the LED will flash once.
  • When your television system recognizes the code, the LED will flash twice and turn OFF.
  • To check, switch off your television with the Power button of your VIZIO remote.
  • If your TV switches off, then congratulations. You have finished the process.
  • However, if the TV does not switch off, you must repeat the process. Also, check whether the VIZIO remote code for the TV you entered is correct or not.

You can use the same method to reprogram a Vizio remote with your TV, soundbar, and streaming player.

Why is my VIZIO TV remote working with my television?

There can be several reasons. Perhaps your remote batteries are dead, or there is simply an object obstructing the line of sight. If both do not apply, there is some issue with your remote’s sensor or the TV itself.

You cannot repair damage or a faulty sensor of the remote. So, the only option left is to get a replacement or a universal remote.

Last thing that you can try is to reset Vizio TV without remote. Sometimes installing a buggy app on your TV also create such issues. If this fails too, get a Vizio replacement remote.

Can I Reprogram My VIZIO TV Remote Buttons?

Unfortunately, Vizio does not allow the reprogramming of remote control buttons. If you are interested in customized remote button settings, you should get a Vizio replacement remote.

Can I Use My VIZIO TV Remote on Any Other TV?

No, you cannot use a genuine VIZIO TV remote with any other television than the one you have connected with. On the other hand, you can pair a replacement remote with a television from any brand.

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Final Words

You have to program Vizio remote to TV, to make it functional. If you don’t know how to do that, follow our guide to easily program Vizio remote control. The process of setting Vizio remote isn’t complicated. However, you may face issues if you are not a tech-savvy person. For your ease, we have shared a step-by-step guide to program Vizio remote to any smart TV. If you still face issues connecting your remote to the television, you can write us in the comments or contact VIZIO customer support for help. Nevertheless, we hope this guide here has aided you in your issues.

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