No Developer Options On Firestick? [How To Enable In 2024]

You want to install 3rd-party apps from unknown sources but there is no developer options on Firestick. Learn how you can get this option back instantly.

To get the fullest from your FireStick, Amazon has given ‘Developer Options’ in the FireStick settings menu. You can install apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store, enable ADB Debugging, or utilize many other functions.

Accessing developer options was not a big deal in older versions of Amazon Fire TV OS. You can easily access these options from the device’s ‘Settings’ -> ‘Device’ -> ‘Developer Options’ -> and disable and enable developer options. 

But, an update in June 2022 has changed the method to access these settings. Apparently, it seems as if the Developer Options have been removed from the menu, but you can reveal these tools by following the below-mentioned steps. Check out how to download Apollo Group TV on firestick.

What Are Developer Options?

Developer options are tools specifically designed for app developers and experienced professionals. You can say these are the advanced settings that you must not use until you know about them.

Fire TV offers many developer options, such as Deep Sleep Mode, ADB Debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources. 

Note: Developer options are available on all Fire TV devices, like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV (with in-built Fire OS).


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How To Enable Developer Options On Firestick

 To unhide the hidden ‘Developer Options’, follow these steps.

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your Fire TV Stick
Opening Settings Of Amazon Fire Streaming Stick
  • Go to ‘My Fire TV
Where Is My Fire TV Option In Firestick
  • Select ‘About
Firestick About Option
  • You will see your FireStick name on top of the list.
Find Your Firestick Name
  • Highlight FireStick’s name and keep clicking the ‘Action Button’ on your remote. After some clicks a pop-up message will appear on the screen saying, ‘You are now a developer
Getting Back Developer Options In Amazon Firestick
  • Now, press back button on the remote to go open previous menu.
  • You will see the ‘Developer Options’ in the menu.
Developer Option Enabled In Fire TV Stick

Accessing Other Hidden Fire TV Developer Options

Besides the above-mentioned menu, more developer tools are available in Fire Stick for professional app developers. You can get access to these settings by the following method.

However, we recommend that you not access these settings unless you know what you are doing and why!

  • Press and hold the Action Button and directional ring on your remote for 3 – 4 seconds.
  • Release the buttons after 4 seconds and press the Menu button
  • From here, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to access Developer Options on Firestick

Why I Can't Find Developer Options On Firestick?

The Developer Options have been hidden because if you don't know how to use these options, they can be problematic. For example, installing apps from unknown sources can widen the options you can do with your FireStick, but at the same time, you have to be careful while doing so.

If you are a pro in this field, you can explore and enjoy the options like:

  • Connect your phone to FireStick via ADB
  • Take screenshots from the Fire TV display
  • Connect a mouse


Where Are Developer Options In FireStick Lite?

If you are not seeing developer options on FireStick Lite, there is nothing to worry about. They are not missing but are just hidden. You can find them by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Fire TV’ -> ‘About’ -> select the name of your device and keep clicking the ‘Action’ button on your remote until you see a ‘You are now a developer’ message popped up on your TV screen. Return to the previous menu and here you will find the ‘Developer Options’ menu in the list. 

Where Are Developer Options In Firestick 4K?

Accessing the hidden Developer Options menu in all Fire TV OS devices is the same. You can reveal the menu in your FireStick 4k by clicking on the ‘My Fire TV’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu. Go to ‘About’ and highlight your FireStick 4k name. Hit the ‘Action’ button on your remote repeatedly (seven times). A pop-up message will appear saying that ‘You are now a developer’. Now go back to the previous menu. You have unveiled the ‘Developer Options’ menu.  

Note: If you have already unlocked the ‘Developer Options’ menu, you will see a message saying ‘No need, you are already a developer’ on clicking the Action button. Also, once the menu is accessed, it will not hide again until you reset your FireStick. 

How Do I Enable ADB Debugging On FireStick?

In the newer and updated versions of FireStick OS, you can enable ADB debugging by accessing the hidden Developer Options. To unhide these settings, click on the gear icon on your Fire TV home screen. Go to ‘My Fire TV’ and click on ‘About’.

Here, you can see your device’s name at the top of the list. Highlight the name and tap the Action button on your remote several times until the ‘You are now a developer’ message appears on your TV screen. Go back to the ‘My Fire TV’ page and click on the unhidden ‘Developer Options’. Now you can enable ADB Debugging and other options.

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Final Words

Usually, Amazon FireStick owners don't need to explore this option until they are linked to app development or want to sideload the apps that are not present in the Amazon app store. It is good to hide the options that can mess up things. However, getting their access is not a difficult task either. I hope the method we mentioned is clear and helped you to unhide the settings. In case you want more information regarding Fire Stick or developer options, comment in the section below!

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