How To Reset Vizio TV Remote When Not Working

Reset Vizio TV remote is one of the quickest fixes if your remote is not functioning properly. It is easy and here we will share how you can do it.

Sometimes your Vizio TV remote stops working, and your TV stops receiving signals from the remote. It can be due to several reasons like stuck memory, power residue, tempering with remote programming by the kids, or some unknown glitch.

One quick fix to make your remote work again is to reset and reprogram the remote control with the TV. If this is something you are hearing for the first time, don’t worry we are going to help you.

To reset your Vizio TV remote, remove its batteries and press all its buttons multiple times. Let the remote reset for 15-20 minutes. Insert a fresh pair of batteries and it will start working.

Points to Consider Before Resetting Vizio Remote

Some common reasons that make your Vizio remote unresponsive are mentioned below. You must check them before resetting the remote. These are:

  • Power drained batteries
  • Blocked TV sensors
  • Dirty power source
  • Electronic interference
  • Or some issues with the TV itself

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How To Reset Vizio TV Remote Not Working

If all the mentioned points are fine then you are left with no other choice except resetting your Vizio remote.

This will clear remote’s cache, remove already programmed settings and glitches and your remote will start working again. Let’s get started!

  • Remove the batteries.
  • Press and hold the remote’s power button for 5 seconds.
  • After this, press every button on the remote one by one, once (to loosen the stuck buttons).
  • Now, put the batteries back in the remote.
  • There you go; your Vizio TV remote is all set.

This procedure is also known as power cycling of Vizio remote.


Universal Remote Control XRT140 For VIZIO TV With Smart Function Buttons

  • Compatible with All VIZIO LED LCD HD UHD HDR Smartcast 4K 3D Smart TVs, including D-Series, E-Series, M-Series, P-Series, PX-Series, V-Series, OLED-Series
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Resetting Your Universal Vizio Remote

If your Vizio universal remote is having issues, the procedure to reset it will be slightly different. Here’s what you need to do to fix Vizio remote:

  • Press and hold the SET button on the remote.
  • Hold it until the remote’s LED light blinks twice.
  • After that, type in the reset code. Most Vizio remotes have a code 981 or 977. However, you can also consult your Vizio remote’s manual guide.
  • The LED light will flash twice again, showing that your remote has been reset.
  • Pair it with your TV and check if it functions properly.

Reprogramming Vizio Remote

After resetting the remote, the next important step is to repogram your remote to TV. The remote will not function until you program it again. To do so, follow our guide:

How To Pair Vizio Remote to TV

Vizio Remote Replacement

If nothing works, the last thing you can do is replace your Vizio remote. You may get a new Vizio replacement remote or a universal remote. Pair it with your TV. Your previous remote was damaged if the new one works fine.

And if the new remote also doesn’t work, check your TV.


What happens when you reset Vizio TV remote?

Resetting the remote clears its cache, removes pairing data, and restores it to default settings. Reprogram the remote, and it will start working fine.

What to do when your Vizio TV remote doesn’t work?

If your vizio remote is not working, you can try these fixes. Check for some physical reasons that are blocking the infrared rays. Change batteries, clean battery terminals, reset the remote, replace the remote.

Which is the best Vizio tv remote replacement?

Is your TV not responding to Vizio remote? Or resetting the remote not work?

In such conditions, you must replace your TV remote. There are many compatible TV remotes that you can purchase and use with your Vizio TV. The three best-sellers are mentioned below:

AIDITIYMI’s New XRT136 Remote Control

AIDITIYMI XRT136 is a user-friendly remote that is compatible with most Vizio TVs. It requires no programming or pairing. It works on Infrared (IR) principal and is affordable.

This remote works on alkaline batteries. Furthermore, it has all the primary functions that are present in an original Vizio remote.

Universal Remote for All Vizio TVs

Vizio universal remote is one of the best sellers. The reason is: it is compatible with multiple devices.

This remote doesn’t require programming. Furthermore, its transmitting range is 12’. A universal remote is an affordable choice, keeping in mind the numerous features it offers.

Not suitable for people who cannot hold wide objects because this remote has a broad body. 

Nettech’s Vizio Universal Remote Control

This most advanced Nettech universal TV remote is compatible with all Vizio TVs. It enjoys a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period.

The 4 hotkeys enable you to enjoy a quick streaming platform. It is made with high-quality material and is undoubtedly one of the best universal remotes available on the market.

Con: Unlike the recent remote-design trend, this remote has a weirdly broad design.

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Final Words

I hope this write-up will help you in resetting your Vizio TV remote and fix the issues with it. If after applying the given techniques your remote still is not transmitting commands to your TV, then get a universal remote or Vizio replacement remote. As per our experience we have suggested the the best universal remotes for Vizio Tv. These are the best alternative solutions if resetting doesn’t work.

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