How To Clear Cache On Samsung Smart TV [2024]

Like computers, tablets, and mobile phones, smart TVs also has a cache memory. It’s usually not harmful and actually helps in serving data faster.

However, a lot of cache build can also makes your Samsung Smart TV slower. You need to clear the cache to enjoy better performance. If you don’t know how to do it, I have shared everything you need to know.

To clear the Samsung smart TV cache, press the Home button on the remote, go to Settings, Support, Device Care, Manage Storage, Select the app, click View Details, and then Clear Cache.

How To Clear Cache On Samsung Smart TV [2024]

For people who own a Samsung TV model 2020 or a newer one, this method will work for you. Here’s what you need to reset the Samsung TV cache:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote.
  • Now enter “Settings.”
  • Enter the “Support” option from the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and enter “Device Care.”
  • Click on the “Start Device Care” option.
  • Here locate the “Manage Storage” option and enter it.
  • The list of all the apps will appear on the screen. Select any of them and press “OK.” You’ll see the “Clear Cache” option there; select it and press OK to remove cached data from that app.

Note: You’ll have to clear the cache of each app separately.

Removing Cache of Samsung Tizen OS Smart TV

Now, if you have a Samsung Tizen OS Smart TV or any of the 3 – 7 series models, here’s how you can clear the cache from it:

  • Enter the “Settings” of your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Scroll down and enter the “Support” option.
  • Next, you need to enter the “Self Diagnosis” option.
  • Select and enter the “TV Device Manager” option in the self-diagnosis sub-menu.
  • You’ll see three options on the screen; to clean cached data, select the “Memory Boost” option and click on “Clean Now” to initiate the removal of cache from your Samsung Smart TV.
  • All the apps on your TV will appear on the screen. Select any of them, and you’ll see the “Clear Cache” option; select it and press “OK” to remove the cache of that specific app.

Clearing Samsung TU/Q/LS Smart TV Cache

For those who have a TU/Q/LS Samsung Smart TV model, follow these steps to remove the cache:

  • Press the “Home” button on Samsung TV’s remote control.
  • Now, enter the “Settings” option.
  • Next, select and enter the “Broadcasting” option.
  • From the sub-menu select “Expert Settings” and press “OK.”
  • You need to choose the “HbbTV Settings” option and press “OK.”
  • After that, select “Delete Browsing Data” and confirm the deletion by selecting “Delete” in the pop-up window.

The same steps mentioned here will work for MU/M/NU/RU/Q and frame model TV sets as well.

However, if you see that “Expert Settings” are disabled, simply change the TV source and switch it to Live TV. It’ll enable the expert settings option.

How To Clear Samsung TV Browser Cache

Different Samsung Smart TV models use different methods for clearing the cache.

This is why we’ve mentioned all the possible ways to remove cache, so, whichever works for your Samsung Smart TV model, go for it.

  • Open the web browsing app on your TV.
  • Now select the “Menu” option located at the top right corner of the application and click on it.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu; scroll down, select “Settings,” and press “OK.”
  • Now you need to enter the “Privacy & Security” option.
  • Here you’ll find the “Clear Browsing Data,” confirm it by selecting “Yes.”

Note: methods that involve clearing the browsing data remove everything, including the cache and cookies as well. So, if you can’t find a specific option to remove the cache, simply delete the browsing data.

You may also like to learn how to close background apps on Samsung TV to improve your Samsung TV performance.

If even after clearing the cache you Samsung TV is behaving abnormal then reset your device by following this guide.


What are the benefits of clearing the cache?

Clearing the cached memory regularly is a good practice, even if you have a Smart TV from some other brand. Some people often think that cleaning the cache doesn’t help with anything, but that’s not true, here are some key benefits of it:

  • It helps with increased speed.
  • Any malware that could harm your TV is removed – it protects your device against any viruses.
  • Clearing the cache offers improved performance, and the sites or apps that weren’t working correctly will start working smoothly after this.
  • It clears a lot of space in your TV. Smart TVs have some amazing functions, and you need to clear up space for them to work properly.

Does Samsung Smart TV have a cache?

Yes, Samsung Smart TV and every other smart TV maintain a cache memory. No app or website will work if your device doesn’t maintain a cache memory. From using apps to browsing different websites, everything you do on the internet requires some space on the device you’re using in order to function, and cache memory provides that.

Why is my Samsung TV running slow?

The number of apps you use determines how fast the TV works. If you have installed too many apps on your Samsung Smart TV, more memory will be used, which means the TV will slow down. Not just that, the apps will take longer to start, and you may even face some random glitches like lagging applications or the app not responding at all.

How do I delete basic apps on my Samsung TV?

The pre-installed apps on a Samsung Smart TV can’t be uninstalled; however, you can always disable them. If you want to delete other apps that you installed, you can do that by following a few simple steps.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote and then enter “Smart Hub.”
  • Now go to “Settings” and from the sub-menu select and enter the “Support” option.
  • Next, you need to enter these options in sequence; Device Care > Manage Storage.
  • Now, select the app you want to delete, click on the “Delete” option and confirm it. The app will be removed from your Samsung Smart TV.

Final Words

Clearing the cache on Samsung Smart TV is not a complicated thing to do; however, if you don’t clear it for a long time, it may harm the speed and functioning of your TV. If cache removal doesn’t fix a problem or the TV is still running slow, you may need to soft reset the TV, and it’ll start working just fine. We hope that this guide would’ve been helpful to you. For any serious issues with your Samsung Smart TV, it’s better to get in contact with their customer support right away, as it’ll save you both time and money!

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