How To Get Local Channels On Vizio Smart TV?

Smart TVs are trending and gaining popularity due to their amazing features and network connection option. With the internet, you can download apps, stream your favorite shows online, see them anytime and many times, and make your playlists.

However, you need to watch local channels to get updates about your local area and the latest news. For this, you need to get regular channels on Vizio TV.

Using an external antenna is the best way to get local channels on Vizio Smart TV. Another method to watch regular channels is to use cable or satellite box.

Getting Local Channels On Your Vizio Smart TV?

After researching and testing various methods below, we will share the 100% working ways to run local TV channels on your Vizio smart TV.

Watch Normal Channels On Vizio TV Via External Antenna 

The antenna is considered to be an old-school method to get local channels. It is still an authentic way to get access to many channels. You can use an indoor or outdoor antenna for this purpose.

Antennas usually have coax cables. Connect the cable to the coaxial port of your TV and connect the other end to the power source.

Turn the power ON and press the Input button on your Vizio TV remote. Keep pressing the input button until the input highlights the label TV/DTV -> press ‘OK’. 

Now go to ‘Menu’ -> select ‘TV’ or ‘Tuner’ -> highlight the ‘Tuner Mode’ and select ‘Antenna’ -> select ‘Auto Search.’

Your TV will automatically run a channel scan and find all the available local channels. 

Now you can use your Vizio TV remote to navigate the channel of your choice.

Via Cable Network/ Cable Box/ Satellite Box

The other method is to purchase a plan of your choice from your local cable network provider. They are present in almost all cities and provide services to see local channels.

You can simply attach a cable to your TV and run a channel scan to get all the available channels. With Vizio TV remote control, you can switch channels.

But, if you have attached a cable or satellite box with a composite cable, follow these steps to set the connection and access local channels.

Press the Input button on the remote -> keep pressing until you see the Comp input highlighted -> press ‘OK.’ For this, you need to use the cable box remote to navigate the cable channels.

Note: With cable or satellite box, you don't need to run a channel scan, the box will automatically select the channels.

Best Apps to Stream Local Channels

This feature requires downloading certain apps to get the local channels. Therefore, it is applicable for Vizio smart TVs only and not for some older Vizio models that do not support WiFi connections.

So, by downloading some apps, you can get access to several local channels. By downloading and installing these apps, you can get political news, weather updates, and the latest happenings in your city.

Via Watchfree+

Watchfree+ is a streaming service of Vizio TV. It is free, requires no download, logins, or devices, and also it is available right out of the box.

You can access hundreds of local channels with this service. However, right now, it is available in the US only and will not work when used outside the US. 


You can download and install Pluto TV on your Vizio TV, a great cable TV replacement. It is free and needs no registration. 


Xumo is another free app that you can get on your Vizio Tv through the SmartCast App Store. You can enjoy more than 150 channels via Xumo.

Note: The new Vizio remote has the Watchfree+ button for quick access.

How to Watch Local Channels on Dumb Vizio TV

If you don't have a smart TV and don't want to spend monthly fees to a cable service provider, we have a solution for you too.

You can turn your dumb television into a smart TV by connecting a streaming device like Fire TV Stick, Roku Stick, or Google Chromecast device.

After connecting the streaming device, you can use your regular Vizio TV as a smart TV, download apps, and get access to all the local TV channels.

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How to Use a Satellite Box with an HDMI Cable?

Every Vizio TV has multiple HDMI ports, each of which has a number. The numbers are usually between 1 & 5. Keep pressing the Input button on your remote until the HDMI port you are using gets highlighted.

Press OK after choosing the correct HDMI input. Your cable or satellite box is now connected to the TV. Use your cable box remote for navigating and scanning channels on Vizio TV

How to Watch Local Channels on Vizio Smart TV without Antenna?

Without installing an antenna, you can watch local channels on your Vizio TV with the help of the following:

  • Streaming devices
  • Downloading apps on your TV
  • Cable box
  • Satellite box
  • Cable service providers
  • WatchFree+ 

How to Watch Live TV on Vizio Smart TV?

You can watch live TV without a cable connection on your Vizio smart TV by downloading and installing one of these apps:

Why Is My Vizio TV Not Finding Channels?

There are multiple reasons that can cause your Vizio TV not to find the channels. These are:

  • Faulty cable/antenna connection
  • Faulty source or input
  • In the case of cable or satellite boxes, you need to contact your service provider.

Can I Use an Antenna on My Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, you can use both indoor and outdoor antennas on your Vizio smart TV. Connect one side of the cable with your TV and the other with the antenna, and give power to the antenna.

Do Vizio TVs Have Free Channels?

You get access to hundreds of free channels with the default WatchFree+ app in your Vizio smart TV. Also, you can get access to many local channels by downloading many other streaming apps on your Vizio TV.

Final Words

So, by adopting any of the above-mentioned methods, you can watch local channels on your Vizio TV. Local channels provide you first-hand information about the happenings in your country and city. You can listen to the news, get weather updates, or stay updated about the sports events in your city from the local channels.

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