Firestick Clear Data Vs Clear Cache [What is Better]

You get the option of unlimited online apps via Fire TV Stick. It is a unique way to adapt for multiple purposes, like gaming or streaming.

However, after some time, you may experience the FireStick performance may not be as smooth as it was before. It is due to the accumulation of cache on the device.

Caches are good because they allow you to access the apps quickly but due to limited storage capacity cache builds slow down its performance. And you need to clear the Firestick cache to run it smoothly again.

When you see the app’s storage menu, you will find two options:

  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache

To better understand what these two are and how they differ from each other, we have described both terms below in detail. Learn how you can clear the Firestick cache. or reset Amazon Fire Stick.

The main difference between Firestick clear data vs clear cache is that, cleaning data restore the app to default settings and the clearing cache only remove temporary app files.

What Is Clear Data on FireStick?

Clearing Firestick data means clearing all the data of the app. It includes the sign-in information, preferences, or other custom settings.

It brings the app to its default settings. For example, if you clear the data of Netflix on FireStick, your sign-in information will be deleted.

You must put that again to run it. Similarly, according to your previous search results, the recommended TV shows will also be deleted.

What Is Clear Cache on FireStick 4K?

When you clear an app’s cache on the Fire TV Stick, it removes all the temporary files. Temporary files are the sub-set of data that help the device to fetch the data faster the next time you open it.

The history stored in the device is wiped off by deleting these files, leaving the app clean.

Firestick Clear Data Vs Clear Cache [What is Better]

To make it even more clear and easy to understand, these are the differences between clearing the cache and data.

Clear DataClear Cache
It resets the app to its factory/default settings.It only removes the temporary files without disturbing your custom settings, preferences, and login information.
It deletes all the important information that you have stored in the app. You have to login to the app again after clearing the data.It only removes the not-so-important information. These are only the temporary files that help you to load the data quickly.
If Clear Cache fails to resolve the app issue, only then you should go for a Clear Data option.This is the first option you should choose to troubleshoot any problem on your FireStick. 

When Do We Need to Clear Cache or Clear Data?

There are certain issues that can be quickly fixed by clearing the cache or data of an app.

  • The first and most common is to clear the cache or data when you experience slow streaming. When the Fire TV Stick takes more-than-usual time to load a program, it’s time to clear the device’s memory.
  • Constant buffering or crashing of an app on Firestick can also be solved by clearing the cache or data.
  • When your TV keeps turning OFF/ON or is stuck in a restart loop.
  • Screen issues, like Firestick black screen or distorted screen.
  • Images on FireStick with no sound or black screen on Fire Stick with the sound issue.

How to Clear Cache?

To clear the cache on your Fire TV Stick, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Applications’ > Select ‘Manage Installed Applications’ > Choose the app > Click on ‘Clear Cache

How To Clear Data?

To clear the data, you have to follow the same method as mentioned for clearing the cache. Just click on ‘Clear Data’ after selecting the specific app.


What Does Clearing Cache on FireStick Do?

Clearing the cache frees up space in your Fire TV Stick by deleting the temporary files. These files speed up FireStick and help the apps to run faster. Also, clearing the cache can resolve several minor app-related issues in your Fire TV Stick.

For example, if your device or TV misbehaves whenever you open a specific app, by clearing the cache of that app, you can bring things back to normal. 

Does Restarting FireStick Clear Cache?

Yes, some files on your FireStick automatically get deleted when you restart the device. However, some files still remain in the app. With constant usage for a long time, these files make a huge cache, and you need to perform a clear cache to free up space.

It is recommended to restart your FireStick every 3 days to keep it clean from cache files. However, if you experience lagging or slow streaming speed, clean up the device, and it will boost Firestick performance.

Why Is Clearing Cache on FireStick Not Working?

Sometimes even after clearing the cache, you must have observed that the number instantly jumps from 0 to 16.45KB. 

Why does this happen?

  • According to Amazon officials, this happens because the app instantly checks for updates and loads files necessary for the working of the app.
  • Fire TV Stick running on an older firmware can also be the reason.
  • Any faulty settings can also lead to this problem. Factory reset FireStick and your “not clearing the app cache” issue will be resolved.

Do I Clear Data or Cache on Fire Stick?

As clearing the data removes all the important information from the app and restores it to default settings, it is recommended to clear the cache first when your Fire TV Stick slows down or shows some error. However, if clearing the cache fails to resolve the issue, then you should clear the data.

How Do I Free Up Space on My Amazon Fire Stick?

As Amazon Fire TV Stick has a limited storage capacity, it needs regular cleaning for optimal performance. To free up space on your Fire TV Stick, you need to:

  • Restart your device. It will automatically delete temporary files from the apps.
  • Then, go to the installed apps and clear the cache of all the apps above 100KB.
  • To create more space, you can clear the data of the apps too.

Final Words

To improve FireStick’s performance, a simple restart can act as a booster as it deletes many temporary files. However, for your device’s better health and long life, clearing the cache on a regular basis helps a lot. Whether you are experiencing any issues or not, regular cleaning keeps things going well. Furthermore, many minor issues can also be resolved with a simple ‘Clear Cache’ or ‘Clear Data’ act.

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