Firestick Black Screen After Logo [Quick Fixes]

Firestick black screen after logo is one of the most common issues with Fire TV stick. Learn some quick ways to get rid of it.

Amazon’s stand-alone streaming devices can turn a normal TV into a smart one. You can download apps, stream your favorite shows, and play games by connecting your Amazon Fire Stick to your TV.

However, sometimes you may experience slight glitches like unresponsiveness, a black screen after a logo, or a blank screen with sound.

We have gathered various reasons behind these problems and their solutions. Let’s unveil them! You may also like to check out how to find lost firestick remote.

Causes of Fire Stick Blank Screen 

There can be several reasons behind your Fire TV’s black screen. It can be a problem with the TV, FireStick, or the connection in between. These are listed below:

  • Improper WiFi connection
  • Wrong input source
  • Use of a non-Amazon HDMI extender
  • Interference with other devices
  • Outdated apps
  • Outdated Fire Stick OS
  • Unable to establish a connection with the Amazon server
  • Faulty TV

Firestick Black Screen After Logo [Quick Fixes]

Here are the fixes that we found work when your Fire TV stick is stuck on the logo or black screen. Try them one by one and let us know which method worked for you.

Restart FireStick with a Remote

Whenever you experience a technical problem with your streaming devices, TVs, or computers, the first fix to try is to restart the device.

So, when your Fire Stick is stuck on a black screen after the logo, restart it.

Press and hold the play/pause and select buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Restart Firestick by Using the Shortcut Keys on the Remote

The FireStick will turn OFF and ON automatically. 

Hard Reboot FireStick

You can also restart it in another way. Unplug from the power socket -> wait for 30 seconds, and replug. This process is also called power cycling your device.

Change the HDMI Port

You can unplug and replug the Fire stick into the HDMI port to see if the screen works adequately.

Changing Firestick HDMI Port

Image Source

If not, plug the Fire stick into another HDMI port. And ensure that the TV’s input source and FireStick’s plugged HDMI port are the same.

Use/Change the Cable Extender

Amazon provides you with an HDMI extender with the Fire Stick.

Using the original cable extender to connect FireStick to your TV is always recommended because it improves the signal received from the remote and WiFi connection.


  • If you have connected the FireStick directly to the TV, unplug it and use an HDMI extender.
  • If the FireStick is connected to the cable extender, unplug and replug it.
  • You can also plug it into another HDMI port.
  • Or, you must change the HDMI extender in case there is some issue with the previous one.

Connect the Fire Stick Directly

If your FireStick is connected to a sound bar or other compatible devices, make sure that it is connected to the correct input source.

Plugging Firestick To TV HDMI Port

Image Source

If the input source is correct and you are still experiencing a blank screen, unplug the FireStick from the sound bar and connect it directly to the TV.  

Unplug Other Devices

If you have connected other devices to your TV’s HDMI ports, unplug them temporarily. The blank screen issue can be because of the interference of other devices with the FireStick.

Cycle the Available Resolutions

You can try changing the resolution of your TV. For example, higher picture resolution requires a faster internet connection. Switching it to a lower resolution can solve the screen issues.

You can cycle through different resolutions by pressing and holding the Up and Rewind buttons for 5 seconds on your FireStick remote.

The system will automatically cycle through different resolutions. It will pause at each resolution for 10 seconds. Select ‘Use current resolution’ when you see a clear and appropriate resolution.

Check Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can lead to a frozen or blank fire stick screen. For this, restart your WiFi router.

You can also connect your TV and Fire Stick to a faster and stronger network to check if this is the reason behind the blank screen. Learn how you can connect Firestick to WiFi.

App-Related Issues

Sometimes your Firestick gets stuck only when you run a particular app. If this is the case, 

1. Clear the Cache of the Specific App

Cleaning Firestick Cache

You can do it by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications -> select the troublesome app and click on Clear Cache. For more details check our article on clearing Firestick cache.

2. Update the App Manually

Outdated apps also end up on unresponsive and black screens. So, if a particular app is bugging you, you need to fix it by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Notifications’ -> ‘Apps Update’ -> select the app and click on ‘Update’.

Note: Setting your TV settings to ‘Automatic App Updates’ will automatically keep your apps up-to-date and bug-free.  

Update FireStick Firmware

Installing Firestick Firmware Update

Using outdated FireStick firmware also causes a variety of problems, and a black screen is one of them. You need to upgrade it to the latest version to resolve the FireStick stuck at the logo problem. 


  • Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Fire TV’ -> and ‘Check for Updates’.

The system will search for available updates, and download and install them automatically. Hopefully, upgrading your FireStick will solve the black screen issue.

Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick

If none of the described solutions work, lastly, you need to reset your FireStick to factory settings.

This is a tested method to remove bugs and glitches from your device and reset it to the out-of-the-box settings. Follow this guide to reset the firestick without the remote.

Use The Firestick On Other TV

To ensure that your TV is working properly, you can plug your Fire Stick into another TV. If the second TV screen shows up and there is no flickering or interruption, it means there is some issue with your TV.

Why Does My FireStick Have Sound But No Picture?

It can be because of a minor glitch in your system. You can fix it by trying the following solutions one by one:

  • Restarting the device
  • Clearing the FireStick cache
  • Re-installing the app, if the problem is with a particular app

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Final Words

I hope the above-mentioned tips and tricks are helpful in troubleshooting the Amazon Fire TV stick black screen after the logo. Restarting, resetting, checking input sources, and keeping your device updated are some simple yet useful methods that keep you protected from irritating problems. Never forget to connect other devices with your WiFi to check the internet speed. Because it is one of the major reasons behind misbehaving Fire Stick. However, if none of the solutions works for you, you must contact the Amazon device support team for further assistance.

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