Vizio TV No Antenna Input [Instant Fixes]

Have you heard about Tunerless Theater Displays? These are the TVs without built-in tuners and coaxial inputs. These TVs merely rely on the internet to transmit content. 

Between 2016 and 17, Vizio manufactured some TV models that lacked built-in tuners. These are the P and M-series. And some E-series TVs also lacked in-built tuners.

If your TV belongs to one of these series and you want to watch local TV channels on your Vizio TV, you have landed in the right place.

To fix Vizio TV no antenna input, you can connect your aerial to an ATSC digital tuner and plug it into the HDMI port of your TV to access the OTA channels.

Does Your Vizio TV Support An Antenna Input?

As mentioned earlier, some Vizio TV series like P and M lack in-built tuners, and some TVs from the E series are also included. So, you can check whether your TV supports the tuner if you know the model. 

If you don't know the exact model, check it by looking at the back of your TV. Missing coaxial input proves that your TV lacks a tuner. Or you can also see the user manual of your Vizio TV to get it confirmed.

Fix Vizio TV No Antenna Input

After knowing your TV doesn’t have an in-built tuner, let’s learn how to connect your antenna with a tunerless theater display.

Analog/Digital Tuner

This stand-alone device works in the same way as an in-built tuner. Connect the antenna with the external tuner and connect the tuner with your Vizio TV via HDMI input.

After the connection has been made, scan for channels on Vizio TV and enjoy local channels on your television.

Note: You can also get an external tuner with an in-built antenna to avoid connecting a separate one. 

Wireless Content Transmitter

You can connect the antenna to your TV with a wireless content transmitter. Simply insert the antenna input into the transmitter and connect it to a WiFi network. Installing the specific app on your TV allows you to access your favorite channels conveniently. 

Check Input Settings On Your Vizio TV

There is another option if your TV has a built-in tuner and a coaxial port but still, you cannot locate antenna input on your TV. In such a situation, you can begin by checking the input options on your TV.

Firstly, ensure to tightly plug the antenna input into the coaxial port of your TV. Then on your TV, switch to the corresponding input source.

You can see multiple input sources on your Vizio TV. Try to check all of them individually until you get the right one.

Note: Sometimes, renamed inputs create confusion. That is why you must try all of them. 

When you get the right input source, it shows a message to set up the tuner. But, if none of the input sources is compatible with your antenna input, the option might be hidden in your Vizio TV.

Keep reading, we are going to tell you the method to fix this issue.

Hidden Sources

You have the option to hide input sources on your Vizio TV. Besides many other reasons, one good reason is to minimize the number of visible input sources available on the TV.

So, there is a chance that the input source you are looking for is also hidden. To unhide it, you need to:

  • Go to ‘Menu’ on your TV 
  • Go to ‘System
  • Select ‘Input Settings’ (for older models only)
  • Select ‘Hide Input’ from the list
  • Highlight the desired input, i.e., TV, and press ‘OK’ 
  • Then switch to ‘Visible’ on the toggle button and exit the menu.

Now go to the source option to check if the input source is visible. Connect the antenna through this input. Now proceed by scanning the channels on your Vizio TV. If some channels are not appearing, check the steps to get the missing Vizio TV channels.

How To Connect Antenna To Vizio TV Without Remote

After connecting the antenna to your Vizio TV via DTV input or an external tuner, you can search for the input source and scan channels using the Vizio mobile app on your smartphone (in case you have lost your TV remote and have a smart Vizio TV).

Otherwise, you can manually scan for channels by pressing the keys on the left side of your Vizio TV panel.

  • Keep pressing the ‘Input’ button to select ‘TV’ input.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ button
  • Use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow keys to select ‘TV’ and press the ‘menu’ button again.
  • By using the up, down, right, and left keys, select ‘Tuner Mode’ and ‘Antenna.
  • Again use the arrow buttons to select ‘Auto search’ and press the ‘Menu’ button to scan Vizio TV channels. 


Can I Use an Antenna on My Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, You can scan for OTA channels by connecting an external or internal antenna to your Vizio TV. However, if your TV lacks an antenna input, you can connect it using an external digital/analog tuner.

Where Is Antenna Input on Vizio TV?

See the back of your Vizio TV to find all the inputs available on your TV – the HDMI1, HDMI2, USB, DTV/TV, or Comp connections. 

Final Words

Whether your Vizio TV has an in-built tuner or not, by following the given methods, you can connect the antenna with it. Different devices are available in the market. You can get external, internal, digital, analog, or wireless antennas. You can also get a digital tuner with an in-built antenna. Following the pre-described methods, you can connect these devices effortlessly and watch local channels on Vizio TV.

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