How To Take Screenshot on Windows 10 HP Laptop [7 Ways]

There are multiple ways to take screenshot on Windows 10 HP laptop, we will share some of the best and most effortless screen capturing methods.

Screenshots, screen captures, and screen recordings have been the new trend in saving essential documents, web pages, or images. It is a handy option saving us a lot of time. It is pretty easy to take screenshots on Windows 10 HP laptop. There are many options on HP laptops for taking a screenshot or recording the screen, I have shared the best of them in this post.

One of the quickest ways to take screenshot on HP laptop Windows 10 is to press the Windows + PrtScn button on the keyboard. This key combination will capture the picture of entire screen.

How To Take Screenshot on Windows 10 HP Laptop [7 Ways]

Let’s look at all the possible methods for capturing the screen in an HP laptop. You can choose any of these methods for taking a screenshot.

Snip and Sketch Tool

Snip and Sketch is the best tool if you want to customize, add notes or share your screenshots. Using the shortcut on your keyboard, Windows key + Shift + S, you can activate the tool on your laptop.

When you press these keys it will dim your screen. From the mini menu bar at the top of the screen, select the options to make full-screen, rectangular, and free from, Windows capture.

Once you capture the screen using this tool, it is copied to the clipboard. Click on the preview notification in the lower right corner of the screen to open the Snip and Sketch app. Save, edit or share screenshots using the drawing tools on the app.

Using Game Bar For Screenshot

It is an overlay for Windows and the game app to capture the screen and record the videos. Press Windows key + G simultaneously to open the game bar.

Now, click on the camera icon to capture the full-screen screenshot. Then, by clicking on the recording button, you can record a video clip and add audio by selecting the microphone icon.

The screenshots and video recordings you have captured using the Game Bar are saved in PNG format to videos.

You can also find them on the Game Bar; go to ‘Show all captures’ below the screenshot and recording icons.

Pro tip: To use this option, make sure Game Bar is enabled. To enable it, search Game Bar Settings and select the feature Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the game bar.

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Print Screen Key

To capture the entire screen on your HP envy laptop or any other model, press the ‘PrntScr’ key on the upper right side of the top row of your keyboard. It will copy the captured screen to the clipboard.

To save the file, open any program on your system that allows you to insert the images, for example, MS Word or Paint. Then paste the screenshot on such a program file. Finally, you can edit and save the screenshot.

Windows Key + PrntScr

Press Windows logo key+PrntScr to get the screenshot and save the file automatically.

When you do so, the screen gets dim, and the screenshot of the entire screen is saved in the screenshot folder on your laptop.

Alt + PrntScr

When you press Alt+PrntScr, it captures the screenshot of the active window you are working on. Once the screenshot is captured, it is copied to the clipboard. Next, open any program like paint or MS Word and paste the screenshot on it. You can edit and save your files using these programs.

Power + Volume Up

By pressing the Power button + Volume Up, you can take the screenshot on Windows 10 Microsoft Surface device. When you press them simultaneously, the screen will dim. Your screen capture will save to the pictures in the screenshot folder.

Important tip: If you have Microsoft surface 3 or the earlier version, capture the screenshot by pressing Windows + Volume Down Button.

Third-Party Screenshot Apps for Windows 10

You can use the third-party apps to capture the screen if you do not want to opt for the above-mentioned in-built options on Windows 10. The screenshot apps we prefer the most are:

  • Lightshot: It is a free app. You can capture the screenshot and share it on social platforms. It is designed for quick social sharing. Installing the app on Windows 10 disables the PrntScr feature and gives you more editing options.
  • Greenshot: Greenshot app offers you to capture the screen of a scrolling web page. It is a free app, and like other screenshot applications, it also allows you to edit and customize your captures.
  • Snagit: It is a premium app that allows you to take full-page screenshots, create animated GIFs, edit the captures, and more. The price of its premium version is $50. You can use the 30-day trial version. However, your screen captures will be watermarked. For Snagit, system requirements are slightly high compared to others.

You can use these method on HP Probook, HP Envy, HP Pavilion, HP Elitebook, and other models.

How to screenshot on a hp laptop without the PrintScreen button?

Using the Fn+Windows+Space bar, you can capture the screenshot on a hp laptop without the PrintScreen button. Alternately you can use the snipping tool, Snip and Sketch tool, or the third-party apps like Greenshot or Lightshot.

Final Words

We hope our guide will help you understand how to take the screenshot on hp Windows 10. All the methods we have mentioned are super-easy and do not need you to have higher-level technical knowledge. If you face any issues with the hp Windows 10 laptop, which cannot be resolved at home, we suggest you contact the hp customer support team. We love taking screenshots to save our important documents or some images from the video recordings. How do you like preserving your favorite memories with screen captures? Let us know in the comments section.

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