Best Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming [2023]

Laptop heating is one of the major concerns of gamers. Worry no more, we will share the best ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming.

Gaming on a laptop can be fun, but it has a major drawback! Top of the list is overheating. Keeping your laptop cool while gaming is necessary to prevent any hardware failure.

Laptops tend to heat up a bit; however, the overheating caused when you are playing a game on the laptop is higher than regular heat-up. This is why major laptop brands are always trying to come up with innovative methods that’d keep the laptops cool even when you are playing a game that consumes a lot of RAM.

Is it okay for a gaming laptop to get hot? 

It’s not okay for the gaming laptop to get hot, as it can be harmful to the laptop’s hardware and functioning. Some of the most common problems that arise in laptops due to overheating include:

  • Unsatisfactory gaming performance caused by thermal throttling.
  • Premature hardware failure.
  • Sudden shutting down of the laptop.
  • The loud noise of the fan.
  • A hot keyboard.

Best Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming [2023]

Here we will share the best possible ways to prevent your laptop from overheating. Let’s get started!

1. Find The Right Surface for Your Laptop

The placement of a laptop has a significant effect on its functioning. When you place it on a soft surface such as your lap or a bed, you actually block the airflow, which in turn prevents the laptop’s cooling system from working.

Laptop On Flat Surface

This is why it’s always suggested to place the laptop on a flat and hard surface such as a desk. This way, the rubber feet under the computer keep it elevated from the surface, and airflow stays consistent!

It is better to place a laptop on a table instead of a lap or bed. However, if you don’t have any convenient surface like that, you have to take some preventive measures. If using the laptop while keeping it in your lap, ensure that you are not blocking its exhaust fan.

Similarly, if you are using it on a bed or any other soft surface, try putting a hard book or any similar solid thing beneath the laptop.

2. Keep the Laptop Fans Clean

If you use the laptop on a solid and flat surface, but it keeps overheating nevertheless, the problem is probably with the cleanliness of your laptop fan. In order to stop a laptop from heating, it’s crucial to keep the laptop fan clean and free of any dust or residue.

Dust build-up is inevitable! No matter what you do, it will keep coming back, and the only solution to this issue is to clean the fan regularly. The more the merrier, but you should clean the laptop fan at least once every three to six months. But how can you do it without opening the laptop? It’s pretty simple; buy a gas duster!

Cleaning Laptop Cooling Fan

Once you have bought a gas duster, turn off your laptop and follow the steps below to clean the fans:

  • Make sure the laptop is cool before you clean it.
  • Now hold your laptop in a way that the fan grills are in front of you. They can either be on the side of your laptop or its bottom.
  • Hold the gas duster can in a position that it’s right in front of the fan grills and spray.
  • Repeat the spraying until you notice that no dust is coming out anymore.

3. Change the Game Settings to A Lower FPS

Yes, it’s true that it’s most fun when playing a game at its highest FPS and graphic settings. But if you want your laptop to last longer, then you may want to lower the settings.

Higher graphic settings and a high frame rate may give you better image quality and smoother gameplay, but in return, these settings put more pressure on your gaming laptop’s graphic card and processor.

When you play the game on a set of lower settings, the stress on the graphic card and processor is reduced, and that’s how the laptop can be prevented from overheating. You may also like to learn the importance of GHz in gaming laptops.

4. Use Your Laptop in An Air-Conditioned Room

External temperature also has a serious effect on the laptop’s temperature. At times, it’s all about the external temperature that causes the whole issue, and there’s nothing wrong with the laptop itself.

Using Laptop In Air Conditioned Room

For a gaming laptop, the ideal room temperature is 10 to 35 Celsius, which is hard to achieve in summers and is especially a big problem for people living in naturally warmer areas. The only way to solve this problem is to game in an airconditioned room so that your laptop can work efficiently without heating up.

5. Use A Cooling Pad or Laptop Cooler

Apart from all the preventive measures, it’s necessary to add some additional cooling systems to your gaming laptop. There are different options for this!

You can get a cooling pad or a laptop cooler for your laptop, and it will keep the computer cool while you play your favorite game. These accessories are budget-friendly and extremely useful, so it’s always a good idea to invest in them.

Many people often ask whether a cooling pad even helps while gaming. The short answer is, Yes, it does.

It helps in keeping the temperature in check; however if you ask whether it’ll improve the gaming experience or not. Well, it does not affect the gaming experience; it’s only there to keep the laptop cool while you play a game.

Final Words

Laptops that are a bit older are prone to overheating. However, if you have a new gaming laptop and it keeps getting hot, it’s very likely that the device is faulty. But there’s another possibility, and that’s that your laptop might not be thoroughly equipped for the game you are playing. If you think the laptop has some technical issue, it’s better to get it checked as soon as possible. Before we end this article, here’s another tip for keeping your laptop cool while gaming! Please avoid using the laptop while charging because it can overheat the laptop and harm the hardware.

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