How To Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen? [5 Best Ways]

How To Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen

TCL television's blank screen can be due to multiple issues. However, you can fix everything by resetting TCL Roku TV with black screen.

TCL Roku TVs have the best Over-the-Top (OTT) services, unlimited apps, the best game center, voice controls, and more.

Despite all the best features, there are some glitches that you may experience (over a period of time) with your TCL Roku TV.

These issues can be:

  • TCL Roku TV with black screen
  • The Roku TV screen is black but has sound
  • Roku TV display problem
  • TCL Roku TV keeps restarting
  • Distorted images on the screen

There are multiple reasons for these problems, but all these issues can be fixed by performing factory resetting TCL TV.

How To Reset TCL Roku TV With No Picture

Following are some tricks to reset TCL Roku TV without a screen.

If you are concerned about downloaded data and customized settings, you must start with the first method.

Run A Power Cycle

It is the simplest method of troubleshooting TCL Roku TV with a black screen.

Turn OFF your TV. Unplug it from the wall outlet. Wait for 2 minutes. Plug the cord back into the socket. 

Wait for 15 seconds and Turn ON the TV. The LED screen will turn ON. However, if it doesn’t, follow the next method.

Pressing The TCL Roku TV Reset Button

If your TV screen gets black and you are unable to access the menu and settings to reset your TV, you can reset it by pressing the reset button at the back of your TV panel.

WARNING: Factory resetting removes all the applications, stored WiFi passwords, and other customized settings.

TCL Roku TV Reset Button

The TCL Roku TV reset button is located at the back near the connector panel.

The small button is just below the HDMI ports. You need to have a pin or pen to press it.

Press and hold the reset button until your TV turns OFF and then Turn ON back again.

This process will take 8-10 seconds. Release the button when the screen appears.

After a few seconds your smart TV will restart again and you will be greeted with a set up screen.

Reset By Using TCL Roku Remote

Reset TCL TV By Using The Remote

You can factory reset Roku TV with a remote by pressing specific commands. Follow these steps:

  • On your remote, press the ‘Home’ button 5 times
  • Then press the ‘Up’ button once
  • After that, press the ‘Rewind’ button twice
  • Lastly, press the ‘Fast Forward’ button 2 times

Now the set-up screen will appear on your TV and take up to 2 minutes.

After that, your TV will restart again. Your TV is now reset to the original settings.

Follow the on-screen instructions to add your network and favorite apps. You may also like to check out how to fix TCL TV remote not working.

Connect A TV To Your Computer

If the above-mentioned methods fail to restore your TCL Roku TV screen back to normal, try this alternate solution.

You can connect your laptop to your TCL Roku and control the settings to reset the TV. 


It's simple. Your TCL Roku TV has multiple HDMI ports at the back of the TV panel.

Take an HDMI cable. Connect one end with the TV and the other with your laptop.

In your laptop’s settings, open the external display, and you can see the TV screen.

Now you can navigate your TV settings via the laptop. 

You can either restore your TV’s default settings or update your TCL Roku TV’s firmware to the latest version.

Because sometimes, an older version of firmware causes your TV to malfunction.

After resetting the TV, disconnect and power cycle your TV.

This will resolve the TCL Roku TV with no screen, and you will get a clear and high-resolution picture by turning the TV ON.   

Other Methods to Solve the Black Screen Issue on TCL Roku TV

Besides resetting your TV by using the tricks mentioned above, you can also use some other methods to solve the black screen issue on your TV.

These are:

  • Check the Power Cords and Power Source: There is a possibility that the power cord is loose or the power source is damaged. Because of an improper power supply, your TV is showing a black screen.
  • Check the Cable and Input Connections: If you experience TCL black screen with sound coming out perfectly, it can be because of faulty HDMI cable connections or USB drives that need to be replaced.
  • Update Your TV’s Firmware: Sometimes, outdated firmware can cause your TCL TV screen to black out. Update the TCL TV firmware to resolve the issue.


All the methods mentioned above are compatible with following Roku TV brands:

  • Sharp Roku TV with black screen
  • Hisense Roku TV with black screen
  • RCA Roku TV with black screen
  • ONN Roku TV with black screen

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Final Thoughts

Sometimes outdated apps or corrupt settings lead to black screens. It can also be because you, by fault, turned on the settings not supported by your unit.

Now you can't undo what you have done because there are no visuals on your TV screen. In such situations, it becomes difficult to operate the TV. But, the above-mentioned methods are helpful and usually work and resolve the problem.

So, try them, and if the problem persists, then consult someone who can check the hardware of your TCL Roku TV.

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