Fix LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi After Reset? [2024]

A common problem reported by many people after factory resetting is the LG TV not connecting to WiFi. After researching, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that mentions the actual causes and 100% working solutions to connect LG TV to internet.

LG TV not connecting to WiFi after reset can be due to wrong login credentials, network problem, cable issue, and outdated firmware. Identifying and fixing one of these problems will solve the internet connectivity issue on LG TV.

Fixing LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi After Reset?

There can be numerous reasons that can lead to LG TV WiFi issues. However, we have mentioned above the most commonly experienced ones. Now we will explain 10 easy and quick techniques for troubleshooting LG TV WiFi problems. 

1. Setup The Network Connection Again

The first and the most possible issue is the wrong login and password. As you have reset your LG TV, it has lost all your personalized details.

So, some typing mistakes or forgotten login information are most likely to happen. Ensure again before heading to the next solution that you have entered the correct login ID and password.

2. Connect With Mobile Hotspot To Check

If your LG TV shows ‘Connected to the Internet’ but still no app is working, you can connect your TV to the mobile hotspot and check if the problem is with the TV or the WiFi. To do this:

  • Turn On your mobile’s hotspot.
  • Now open your TV’s wireless network connection menu and search for your mobile’s hotspot.
  • Select and enter the password to connect the TV to the hotspot.
  • If the apps work perfectly after connecting to a mobile hotspot, the issue must be with your router.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and get the problem fixed.

3. Check Network Connection Status

In case your TV works smoothly after getting connected to the hotspot, then connect the TV to your wireless network and check the network connection status before calling the Internet Service Provider.

  • Go to ‘Connections
  • From the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ select ‘Advanced WiFi Settings
  • Check if there is a [x] between TV and RouterRouter and DNS, or DNS and Internet.
  • If there is a [x] in between any of the three, unplug the router's power cord and plug it back in after 10 seconds. 
  • Reconnect your TV to the WiFi and check if it connects smoothly. If not, head to the next trick.

4. Update Date And Time Zone

It is mandatory to reset the country location, date, and time zone after resetting your LG TV.

However, if you don't update the information, it may lead to LG TV network connection problems. To update the date and time, follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Settings
  • Open ‘All Settings
  • Select ‘General
  • Here you will find Date and Time options. Adjust them according to your locality.
  • Exit the menu and try to reconnect your LG TV. If it fails to connect, try the next trick.

5. Change Router Location Place It Closer To TV

If your WiFi router is placed far from the TV, it will cause issues in connectivity. Routers have a limited range. So place it near your LG TV to get good signal strength.

6. Update LG TV Firmware

The other reason why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi or not connecting at all can be outdated firmware. Resetting restores the device to its default settings. So check if there are any updates available for your TV.

  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Select ‘All Settings
  • Click on ‘Support
  • Hit the ‘Software Update’ button
  • Select ‘Check for Software Updates
  • If there is any available update, download and install it
  • When the download is complete, turn Off your TV. After 10 seconds, turn it On and update the installation.

Note: Set your TV to ‘Auto Update’ to avoid inconvenience in the future. 

7. Problem With LG TV WiFi Antenna/Module 

Another reason your LG TV fails to connect to the WiFi can be a problem with the WiFi antenna or module of your LG TV.

You can confirm it by connecting your LG TV to another internet connection. If the TV fails to connect to the other connection, contact your LG TV’s customer service team. 

8. Turn Off Quick Start + Feature

The Quick Start+ is a feature in LG TV that helps your TV to get started quickly by reducing the boot time. However, it sometimes fails to load the WiFi module, resulting in no connectivity issue.

To overcome this problem, you must deactivate this feature. In this way, your WiFi module will automatically load whenever you turn your TV On.

9. Check Cables

Your LG TV might show the message ‘WiFi Not Found’ if the cables of the WiFi module are faulty or damaged. You can check them by following these steps:

  • Place your LG TV face down on a flat surface. Be careful while doing so, and ensure not to damage the screen.
  • Remove the back cover of the TV. You will see a WiFi module at the bottom and flat silver cables attached to it.
  • Straighten the cables politely if they are bent or folded. Ensure you don't damage them.
  • Now fix the back cover of your TV and switch it On to check the internet connection.


What Causes LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi

Before heading towards the solutions, firstly, get to know the various possible reasons that might keep your LG TV from getting connected to WiFi. Some most common causes are listed below.

  • Putting the wrong login credentials after resetting the TV
  • Outdated firmware of your TV or the router
  • Wrong country location, date, or time zone 
  • Corrupt firmware of your LG TV or the router
  • Interference from other devices using the same frequency as your WiFi connection
  • Distance of TV from the router
  • Network congestion
  • If the Quick Start+ feature of your LG TV is enabled
  • Mismatched router firewall, MAC address filtering, or channel overlap settings 
  • Check for any physical damage to your LG TV
  • Auto-optimization of the router’s configuration settings

How do I reconnect my LG smart TV to WiFi?

Resetting removes all personalized data from the TV. So you have to enter the login details again to connect your LG TV to WiFi. For this:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ by using the remote.
  • Go to ‘Network’ 
  • Select ‘WiFi Connection’ 
  • Names of all the available WiFi connections will appear on the screen 
  • Click on your desired network 
  • Enter the password, and click OK.  

Final Verdict

Resetting LG TV solves many issues. However, at the same time, your TV forgets customized settings after a factory reset. This means you have to set up your LG TV from scratch and connect it to the WiFi again. I hope the tricks mentioned above must have solved the connectivity issues of your smart TV. Sometimes we overlook simple things and assume the problem is as big as a monster. However, you can connect your TV to WiFi with simple troubleshooting techniques. At the same time, we will recommend that if your TV is still having problems connecting to the WiFi or lg tv keeps searching for wifi, contact your Internet Service Provider or get your TV checked by a technician for any physical damage.

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