How To Reset Amazon Fire TV With & Without Remote [2023]


We factory reset amazon fire TV multiple times due to WiFi connectivity problems, the app crashes, & the device not loading the Amazon Prime library. You can also hard reset your FireTV to fix all the problems immediately.

Remember, when you restore Amazon Fire TV to factory settings, you’ll need to do all the settings on your TV again as you did when you used it for the first time. You’ll need to enter your Amazon credentials, set up a Wi-Fi connection, customizations if you have made any, and install all the apps and media you want on your Fire TV. This process also cleans the cache of your TV and makes your device performance smooth and fast. Keep one thing in my the process to reset the amazon firestick is slightly different from Fire TV

So without further ado let’s get started:

How To Reset Amazon Fire TV With Remote [2023]

  • How To Factory Reset Amazon Fire TV With RemoteTurn On your TV.
  • Grab the remote and press the ‘Home’ button.
  • Press the right button on the remote until you reach a ‘Gear’ settings icon.
  • Now, press the down button, select and open ‘Device & Software.
  • Scroll all the way down and select ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’.
  • You will get two options ‘Reset’ and ‘Cancel’. Select Reset to begin the process.
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Factory Reset Amazon Fire TV Without Remote

  • Factory Reset Amazon Fire TV Without RemoteFirst, locate the power button on your TV. Our model is located directly underneath the Fire TV logo.
  • Remove the power plug from the socket and hold it in your hand.
  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button, while holding the power button, plug in your TV.
  • Keep holding the ‘Power’ button until you see the FireTV logo on the screen. Release the button when the logo appears. Your TV will boot into recovery mode.
  • Use the ‘Power’ button to navigate and select an option.
  • Tap the power button to scroll down and highlight wipe data/factory reset.
  • Press and hold the power button until you see the blue bar turns green. Once it does, release the button.
  • Now, tap the power button once to highlight ‘Yes’ and again hold the power button to launch the process.
  • Before starting the process, it will ask you to ‘Reboot System Now’. Do it by holding the power key. When the bar turns green release the button
  • Your device will reboot after a few minutes and restore to the original settings.

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Alternate Methods to Reset Fire TV

There are some quick alternate methods to reset your TV to factory settings without a remote. Remember, if you want to set up your Fire TV after the reset, you’ll need a remote.

Using FireTV App

How To Reset The Firestick From The Phone

You can down the Amazon Fire TV app on your Android, Apple, or Kindle Fire device. Follow these easy steps to reset factory settings:

  • Go to the settings using the app as a remote.
  • Select My fire TV system or Device & Software.
  • Choose Reset to factory defaults.
  • Confirm the reset.

If your Fire TV is frozen, you cannot use this method because you won’t be able to navigate the menu on the screen.

Using the USB Keyboard

You can use any USB keyboard or a wireless keyboard to reset your Fire TV. Once you connect the keyboard to the USB port of the Fire TV, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings menu.
  • Choose My Fire TV, system, or Device & Software.
  • Now, select Reset to factory defaults.
  • Then confirm the Reset.

If your Amazon Fire TV is stuck or frozen, hold the ESC and right arrow key on your keyboard for 15 seconds. A factory reset prompt will appear. Select the reset, and then press enter. The other way is to wait for 20 seconds, your Fire TV will restore to the original settings.

Using USB Mouse

We suggest using a USB mouse for resetting Fire TV to default settings, only if the above two solutions are not viable for you.

Important: The mouse pointer will not be visible on the screen. You will need to click around on the screen to sense where the pointer is. Follow these steps to reset your Fire TV:

  • Navigate to the factory reset settings under Device & Software, My Fire TV, or system.
  • Select Reset to factory defaults.
  • Confirm reset.


How do I reboot my Amazon Fire TV?

To reboot your Amazon Fire TV unplug the power cord or your adapter from the Fire TV for a few seconds and then plug it back again. To restart your device, navigate to the settings menu > my Fire TV > Restart.

Why is Amazon Fire TV not working?

If your Amazon Fire TV is not working and is stuck on the loading screen, the problem may be that it is not getting enough power supply. To resolve the issue, plug the power cable of the Fire TV into the power adapter that you got with it.

If your Fire TV screen is blank or frozen, the issue might be in the HDMI cable. Unplug the cable from the HDMI socket and then put it back again. If the issue persists, try replacing the HDMI cable with a new one. Also, check that you are using the correct HDMI port, most TVs have multiple HDMI ports.

If your Amazon Fire TV is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, restart your router.

Why does Amazon fire TV restart itself?

If your Amazon TV is restarting itself, there could be different reasons for this to happen. There might be a problem with the power cables, malfunctioning or damaging the micro USB cable, insufficient power supply, or malfunctioning hardware.

Final Words

If your Fire TV is not responding to the remote, restarting automatically, or has any other issue, it can be fixed by running a reset on Amazon Fire TV. After you hard reset your Amazon TV, do the setup as if you have just bought the new one. You need to do the entire setup from the beginning because the hard reset removes all the Amazon Fire TV data.  We hope your issue will resolve with the help of our guide. If you face any other issues, try to contact the Amazon Fire TV support team for troubleshooting.

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