How To Pair Vizio Soundbar To Subwoofer [Complete Guide]

Vizio soundbar and subwoofer have taken the place of old-school speakers, and we have to say that this combo is worth the price.

The only concern many users have a hard time figuring out is, how to pair Vizio soundbar to the subwoofer. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge, but can be confusing at times.

To pair the Vizio soundbar to the subwoofer, you need to put both your devices into pairing mode by pressing and holding the “pairing” button on the subwoofer and the “power” button on the soundbar for 5 seconds.

How To Pair Vizio Soundbar To Subwoofer

In order to pair your Vizio subwoofer to the Vizio soundbar, make sure you follow these steps carefully. The process is different from connecting external speakers to TV.

  • Power on the Vizio Subwoofer and Soundbar.
  • Make sure both devices are not too far away from each other. The ideal distance for initial pairing shouldn't be more than one foot.
  • Now flip the subwoofer over; you'll see the pairing button right next to the power button.
  • Press and hold the “Pairing/Link” button for five seconds or until the indicator light flashes.
  • Now that the indicator light is flashing, the subwoofer is in its pairing mode.
  • Next, you need to go to the Vizio soundbar and locate the “Power” button on it.
  • After that, press and hold it down for about five to ten seconds or until the indicator light on the soundbar flashes three times.
  • When the indicator lights on the Vizio soundbar are done flashing, it means it has paired with the subwoofer.

If the devices do not pair after you have followed all the steps, then try plugging both devices out of the power socket and then plug them back in.

This will refresh the soundbar and subwoofer connectivity, making it easier for them to pair with each other.

Connecting The Vizio Surround Sound System To The TV

The Vizio surround sound system consists of a subwoofer, a soundbar, and speakers.

You only need to connect the soundbar with your Vizo TV or any other television, and the rest of them will be connected to the soundbar through pairing.


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Different TVs have different options to connect with the soundbar. Here is what you need to do:

Using A Toslink Fiber Optic Cable

If your TV features a Fiberoptic port, then this method will work for you:

  • Get a good-quality fiberoptic cable and remove the protective cover from its ends.
  • Now, look for the fiberoptic port on your TV; it'll have a cover on it to prevent the dust from going inside it.
  • Plugin one end of the fiberoptic cable into your TV's fiberoptic port and the other one in the Vizio soundbar.
  • Now, turn on the Vizio soundbar and change the input to the “Optical/Toslink” option using the remote.

Using The RCA Ports

Vizio soundbar can also be connected to a TV using the traditional RCA ports and cables.

  • Look for the audio output or RCA ports on your TV; they should be red and white in color.
  • Now plug in one end of each of the red and white cables into the respective ports on the TV and the other ends into the ports present on the Vizio soundbar.
  • Lastly, power on the soundbar and select the “Aux 1” input option using the remote.


Why won't my Vizio sound bar connect to my subwoofer?

It may be because the firmware of either your soundbar or subwoofer hasn't been updated. In order to update the firmware, you can use the Vizio SmartCast app. Once you've done that, reset the device by pressing the “Input” and “Volume –” buttons for five to ten seconds.

How do I turn my Vizio subwoofer on?

Vizio subwoofers feature a power button at the bottom of their backside. In order to power on your Vizio subwoofer, plug it in a power socket and then press the power button. The indicator light will turn on, and that's how you will know the subwoofer is on. In order to power off the subwoofer, you can press the power button on the remote or the power button on the subwoofer as well. You can also plug out the subwoofer from the power socket.

Why is my Vizio subwoofer not turning on?

If your Vizio subwoofer isn't turning on, you should check whether the adapter is plugged into the power socket properly or not. If that's not the problem, then you may check the power socket by plugging in some other electric device. If none of these troubleshooting tips helps, you should contact Vizio customer support right away because it may be happening because of some internal issue.

Is the Vizio soundbar compatible with Samsung TV?

Yes, the Vizio soundbar is compatible with almost every TV, including Samsung TV. You can connect the soundbar with your Samsung TV through optical cable or HDMI. You can even use the Samsung TV remote in order to manage the soundbar.

Final Words

Once you have connected the Vizio soundbar with the subwoofer, you can enjoy any show, song, or movie, with amazing sound quality. The method of connecting the two devices is the same for almost all the models. However, if this guide doesn't seem to answer your query, you can always go through the user manual of your Vizio soundbar.

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