How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote & WiFi?

You may need a Roku IP address to troubleshoot some problems with your internet connection and network. An IP address is also important when you want to connect your Roku device to the Roku app and the app is unable to search the device.

Finding your Roku’s IP address is not difficult if you have a Roku remote. However, doing so without a remote is a little bit tricky but not much difficult that one cannot do it himself.

I have compiled all the methods to find Roku IP address without remote and WiFi in one place. They are easy to follow and 100% working.

How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote

Finding a Roku streaming stick IP address without a remote is easy. You can do that in multiple ways. Let’s begin with a short video:

1. Finding Roku IP With The Mobile App

The Remoku app is available for all Mac, android, iOS, and PCs. you can use this app to find your Roku IP address. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • From the corresponding app store (play store/apple store) download and install the Remoku app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app.
  • Open the ‘Settings
  • Now you can see your Roku’s IP address under ‘My Networks’ option.

2. Using A Web Browser To Locate Roku IP

Remoku also has a browser extension. You can use this extension on,

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
Using A Web Browser To Locate Roku IP Address

If you want to search your Roku’s IP address by using a web browser, for instance, Google Chrome, let’s see how you can do it.

  • Type on your web browser. Or you can also type ‘Chrome Apps’ in the web browser. In the search results, you will see ‘Chrome Web Store’. Type Remoku in the search bar and you will get the app.
  • Install the Roku virtual remote from the page.
  • Click on ‘Allow Offline Data Storage
  • Now click on ‘Settings
  • You can see the IP address under ‘My Networks’ option.

3. Finding IP Address From The Router

Finding IP Address From The Router

Another way to find your Roku IP address without a remote is to use your router. 

Note: Not all routers have the option to view the name of the device or the Mac addresses. 

If your router allows you to see the connected devices follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open your web browser.
  • In the URL bar enter the router’s IP address.
  • Now you have logged in to the router’s admin interface.
  • Some routers show the list of connected devices immediately. If not, you should browse the status pages after signing in to the router. Here you can find connection information.
  • Your Roku devices will be listed by their hostnames along with their IP addresses.
  • If you can’t find your Roku device name on the list, look for the MAC addresses column. Some routers have a column for it. By selecting the MAC you can see the wanted information.

How To Find Roku IP Address Without WiFi

IP addresses are assigned to the connected devices by the router. So, when your Roku is not connected to the WiFi network it doesn’t have an IP address.

If you are unable to connect your Roku to WiFi you can use an ethernet cable to establish a wired network connection.

Once your Roku is connected to the internet go to Settings -> Network -> About and you will have the device IP address on your screen.

If your Roku device is not connecting to wireless internet, one quick fix for this problem is to reset your Roku stick without remote.

This will fix all the glitches in the device and you will be able to connect it to the WiFi.


How Do I Find My Roku IP Address When Not Connected To The Internet?

You cannot find a device’s IP address until it is connected to a network. In such a situation, you can get the IP address of your Roku device by contacting the customer service team, providing them with your device’s serial number, and getting the IP address. 

Can I Find My Roku IP Address Online?

You cannot find the IP address on Roku’s official website. The router provides the IP address and is present in your device’s settings only. 

Does Roku TV Have Its IP Address On The Back Of The TV?

No, IP addresses are never mentioned on the back of the TV. It is assigned by the router. So you can find it via the router or the network your device is connected to.

Why Is The Roku TV IP Address Not Working?

The IP address works only when it connects to the same WiFi router which has assigned the IP address to the device. For example, if you have accidentally connected your Roku TV to another WiFi, the IP address wouldn’t work in such a situation. Because the device’s IP address mismatches with the router’s IP address. 

Can You Find An IP Address On The Roku App?

Yes, you can! Get the Roku app from the Google Play Store. Once the app is connected to the device, it will store the IP address. In the future, the app will help you find the Roku TV IP address in case you can’t find it within the device. 

Final Words

So, there are multiple ways you can adopt to find your device’s IP address if the Roku remote is not working or missing. However, it is essential to connect the Roku device to the internet to find its IP address. Furthermore, the Roku TV IP will not respond if the IP address of the router and the device are mismatched. Also, we have mentioned ways to find the IP address without a remote. In case, you cannot access the main menu with the remote or the remote is not in working condition. I hope the article was helpful in many ways. We are open to comments and suggestions. Write below!

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