How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote With iPhone

If you don’t have Firestick remote and want to connect the device to internet, try this method to connect Firestick to WiFi without remote with iPhone.

Amazon Fire Stick is an incredible device that you can connect to your TV to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. The Fire TV stick has a remote to set up the device, make WiFi connectivity, and control its functions. But what if you have lost the remote, somehow it got damaged, or not responding for any other reason?

No need to worry about it. You can use alternate ways to connect your Firestick to WiFi. The easiest way is to use your iPhone as a remote. You can do it by downloading the Amazon Fire TV App on your iPhone or any other iOS device. Let’s see how you can use your iPhone to connect Firestick to the internet.

NOTE: This is a temporary solution, sooner or later you will need a remote. So, we recommend you get a Firestick Replacement Remote.

How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote With iPhone

You can use your iPhone’s hotspot to connect Firestick to the WiFi without a remote. Keep reading for step-by-step guidance.

Things you need to connect Firestick to the internet without a remote using an iPhone are:

  • The name (SSID Code) and password of the network your Fire TV stick was previously connected to.
  • You need a device to create a hotspot. We are using an iPhone.
  • You also need another device. It can be a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Before proceeding, ensure you have plugged your Fire TV stick into the TV.

Point to Remember

You can download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on your iPhone and control your Fire TV stick. But remember, your Firestick and mobile phone must be connected to the same WiFi network to work.

So, what if you need to connect your Firestick to a new WiFi?

Below is the step-by-step guide to connecting Firestick to WiFi using iPhone.

Amazon Firetv app for iPhone

Step 1: The first step is to enable a hotspot on your iPhone or Android device. You can do it by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Personal Hotspot’ -> turn it ON.

Step 2: After enabling the hotspot, change its name and password. Set your WiFi name similar to the one your Firestick was previously connected to.

Step 3: As soon as you change the hotspot’s name, your Fire TV stick will locate it. It will identify and connect to the internet automatically.

Step 4: Your Fire TV stick is now connected to the WiFi. Now you need to connect your iPhone to the same hotspot. You can do it by going to Settings -> WiFi -> find the name of the WiFi connection you have established in the second device and click Connect.

Step 5: Now your iPhone is connected to the WiFi. Go to the Apple store and download the Amazon Fire TV app. Once the setup is completed, the app will automatically look for the Fire TV devices connected to the same network.

Select your Firestick and enter the 4-digit code that appears on your TV screen. After entering the code, you have paired your mobile remote with the Firestick.

Warning: iPhone hotspot data could be used very quickly while streaming. So, it is recommended to reset the internet connection as soon as your iPhone is connected to the Fire TV stick.

You can do it by using Device 2. Go to Settings -> Network -> select the desired network, enter the password, and connect.

Now you can turn the hotspot OFF and use either of your devices as your Firestick remote.

Alternate Ways to Connect Firestick to WiFi Without a Remote

Besides using your iPhone, we have tested other ways to connect your Firestick to WiFi. These are:

  • Using Amazon Echo and Echo Dot
  • Using a keyboard/mouse
  • Using an HDMI-CEC remote
  • Using universal remotes
  • Using another Fire TV remote

Before switching to an alternative, if the device remote is not working you must first change its batteries and second reset amazon firestick.

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Why Is My Firestick Not Connecting to WiFi with iPhone?

If your Firestick is not connecting to WiFi with the iPhone, it can be because of the following:

  • Low signal strength
  • Interference of devices
  • Router issues
  • Issues with Fire TV Stick
  • Unpairing of iPhone with the Firestick

Final Words

Enjoying your favorite shows with your family at home or while traveling must not be interrupted if you have lost the remote. Using your iPhone hotspot, you can conveniently connect your Fire TV stick to the WiFi and enjoy streaming. I hope the above-mentioned method on how to connect Firestick to WiFi without a remote with iPhone is helpful. However, you can also read about other methods to connect your Fire TV stick to WiFi without a remote.

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