How To Change Aspect Ratio On Emerson TV [Quick Ways]

You can conveniently change aspect ratio on Emerson TV by pressing the Format button on your remote and enjoy your favorite tv show or movie by selecting the right screen display.

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Sometimes by connecting devices (DVD player or Xbox) with your Emerson TV the display screen size changes. It can be too big that you can’t see the edges or too small that you see black space. The same thing can happen when a particular program runs on your TV. However, it is not always adjustable, as the video signals are formatted in a specific display size.

How To Change Aspect Ratio On Emerson TV [Quick Ways]

Here is a step by step guide to change the Emerson TV picture settings.

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button
  • On the Menu screen, scroll and find ‘Picture Settings
  • Select the ‘Picture Size’ that best fits your TV screen.

Note: For adjusting the aspect ratio, you need to have the original Emerson TV remote. Very few universal remotes offer you the function of changing picture size. 

Press the Format/Screen Mode/Picture Size Button on Your Remote

If your TV remote doesn't have a Menu button, you can still change the aspect ratio of your Emerson smart TV.

Press the ‘Format’ button below the power button on your Emerson remote. If your remote doesn't have it, it must have a ‘Screen Mode’ or ‘Picture Size’ button. All three buttons work in the same way.

When you press the button, it shows the currently enabled aspect mode display on your TV. With every press, the display changes, and you can select the best that fills your TV screen.

The aspect ratio choice depends on the channel you are watching and the signal source. You can change the aspect ratio anytime, as the choices cycle in a loop every time you press the button. 

Changing Aspect Ratio On Emerson Smart TV Without Remote

There is no way to change the aspect ratio on your Emerson TV without the original Emerson TV remote.

However, you can use the virtual remote on your smartphone or tablet to change the settings.

Download and install the WatchOn app on your mobile phone and navigate the setting to change the picture display mode.

Aspect Ratio Options On Emerson TV

The most commonly used aspect ratios on an Emerson TV are 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (wide-screen). When your broadcasting station sends the video signals of 4:3 or 16:9, there are 4 types of aspect ratios that you can select on your Emerson smart TV.

For 4:3 Video Signal

  • Sidebar
  • Full
  • Wide
  • Cinema

For 16:9 Video Signal

  • Full
  • Zoom
  • Expand
  • Cinema

Note: Depending on the program displayed, you may not always be able to change the display mode on your Emerson TV.

So, we have made it easier for you and mentioned the ways you can adopt for changing picture size on Emerson TV.

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How Do I Make My Emerson TV Full Screen?

By pressing the ‘Format’ or ‘Screen Mode’ button on your Emerson TV remote, you can switch between the variable screen sizes. With each press, the screen shows a new size. Stop when you get the full-screen display.

Why Is Emerson TV Picture Size Not Adjustable?

You cannot adjust the Emerson TV picture size when:

  • The problem occurs only when you connect a specific device to it. Try to change the device settings to resolve the issue.
  • The video signals from the broadcasting station restrict you from changing the screen display size.

Final Words

Cropped images or small screen displays with black spaces at the sides can be very irritating. Emerson TV gives you the option to change your display screen size from standard to wide-screen. By switching between the aspect ratios in the above-mentioned ways, select the best that fits your screen and enjoy the movies and shows to the fullest. Comment below if you want to know more about Emerson TV.

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