Where Is The Reset Button On My Emerson TV? Find Out

Where is the reset button on my Emerson TV? We will share the exact position of the button and alternative ways to reset Emerson TV.

Where is the reset button on my Emerson TV? We will share the exact position of the button and alternative ways to reset Emerson TV.

Emerson TVs are among those few brands that require the least servicing. However, there are some common issues that every Emerson TV user faces (earlier or later). For example, the TV turns OFF automatically, not picking up channels, has a sound problem, or has a flashing screen.

Among other methods of troubleshooting Emerson TV, resetting gives the best results and solves the problems most of the time.

To factory reset Emerson TV, you can use the reset button on your TV. Read further to know why you should restore your TV to factory state, where the reset button lies, and how to reset the TV by using this button.

Where Is The Reset Button On My Emerson TV? Find Out

The reset button on the Emerson TV is located at the back of the TV. You can find a small embedded reset button on the connector panel. However, older models doesn’t have a reset button.

How to Reset Emerson TV Using the Reset Button

Switch ON the TV. You can use a pin, paper clip, or a pen to hold the button. Hold and wait until your TV restarts. Usually, it takes 15 – 20 seconds. Once your TV restarts and you see the Emerson logo, release the button.

Now you can see a setup screen on your TV, and your TV has been returned to its default settings.

Alternate Ways to Reset Emerson TV without Remote

We have tried other methods to reset the Emersion TV without a remote. These methods are mentioned below.

Using a Universal Remote

Reset Emerson TV Using Universal Remote Control

You can factory reset your Emerson TV with a universal remote by the following steps:

Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> and choose Factory Reset.

Using a Remote Control App

Reset Emerson TV Using Mobile App

You can also download the Emerson TV Remote App on your mobile phone to factory reset your TV. After installing the app, pair it with your TV using the same WiFi network.

Now you can navigate the settings using this mobile remote control and reset your Emerson TV.

Why Do You Need to Reset Your Emerson TV

Some common problems can be solved by resetting your Emerson TV. These are:

Fixing Bugs

Your TV may start behaving abnormally due to bugs, glitches, or tempering with settings. Resetting may bring your TV back to normal functioning.

TV Turns ON and OFF Automatically / Won’t Stay ON

If your TV is not staying ON and you have tried power recycling to fix it, then you need to factory reset your Emerson TV. It helps restore the television to its original settings and eliminates the problem.

Emerson TV Black Screen / Frozen / Flashing Screen

TVs perform multiple sophisticated functions simultaneously. It may result in interference of tasks with each other, and consequently, your TV screen freezes or blacks out.

TV Not Responding to Remote

Sometimes your TV doesn’t respond to the remote’s commands. If you have checked all the possible problems, the remote may have, try to factory reset your TV. It can help you to fix the issue.

Emerson TV Red Light Stays ON / Blinks

If your Emerson TV is receiving too much or too little electricity, has some problem with the IR sensor, or has issues with the mainboard, the red light on the TV keeps blinking. In such situations, your TV won’t turn ON. It is the time when resetting your TV can resolve the problem.

Final Words

So, suppose your TV is not working correctly, and you have tried soft resetting (power recycling), but it was of no use. In that case, factory resetting is a convenient way to eliminate several problems like a frozen screen or automatic ON/OFF. It returns your TV to default settings, delete the changes you have made in your TV, and fixes the problems. You can try the above methods to reset your Emerson TV to eliminate the issues and enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment.


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