How To Reset Mi Robot Vacuum Mop in 30 Seconds

Cleaning your home automatically with the Mi Robot vacuum mop sounds amazing. All you need to do is map your house on your mobile app. Then with a single click, you can command your device to clean a specific area or the whole house.

Furthermore, you can choose between mopping and vacuuming. Or, you can do both simultaneously. But problems come with facilities.

If somehow, your robot vacuum doesn’t follow the map, stops abruptly, doesn’t follow your instruction from the mobile app, or spills more water than required, then you need to reset your Mi vacuum.

To reset Mi robot vacuum mop, hold the Home button for 3 seconds, release the button and hold the Power button for 3 second, that’s it.

Reasons to Reset the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

  • If you are experiencing an MI robot vacuum mop essential charging error.
  • Mi vacuum can’t connect to the WiFi
  • If the vacuum mop not following the predetermined house map.
  • If the Xiaomi robot does not follow the instructions through the mobile app.

How To Reset Mi Robot Vacuum Mop in 30 Seconds

Following is the method to factory reset the robot vacuum mop. Let’s jump into it.

By Pressing Home Button

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Reset Button

By following these simple steps, you can bring the default settings back and hard reset your Mi robot vacuum mop.

  • Press the Home button
  • Hold it for 3 seconds
  • Return to initial factory settings’ the device will produce a voice message in Chinese or English.
  • Press and hold the Power button again for 3 seconds
  • With another voice message, the Mi robot vacuum will reboot itself.


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By Pressing the Reset Button

By Pressing the Reset Button

You can also reset your MI robot mop by pressing the small reset button underneath its upper cover.

Use a pin or pen to hold down this small button for 3 seconds, and it will reset your Xiaomi robot cleaner.

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How to Reset WiFi Mi Robot Vacuum?

You can reset the WiFi Mi robot by pressing and holding the small reset button underneath the cover. Or you can also do this by pressing the home button for 3 seconds. Leave the button when you hear a voice message. Your vacuum is all set.

Why Is My MI Robot Vacuum Not Working?

There are many reasons why your Mi robot vacuum will malfunction. These are:

  • Connection Timeout’ – The phone and Mi robot connection breaks due to poor internet connection.
  • If the LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) is covered by dust or some garbage.
  • Dirt accumulated in the wheels can cause the vacuum mop to create loud noise while cleaning.

Final Words

Technology brings comfort to your life, but machines have their challenges. You have to clean and maintain them regularly. So, enjoy the auto-cleaning of your house by keeping your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. You can reset the Mi robot vacuum mop if it malfunctions and enjoy unlimited comfort and cleanliness. Don’t worry if your Mi vacuum is not charging, has wifi connectivity issue or any other problem. Resetting Mi robot vacuum mop and get rid of all the issues.

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