How To Update YouTube App on Vizio TV [2022]

Today, we will share the easiest method to update YouTube app on Vizio TV. It will enhance your video-watching experience with no issue whatsoever.

Vizio’s latest smart TV includes a built-in YouTube app. This allows users to watch YouTube videos directly on their TV. Yes, it is a very cool feature to have but it can become a pain in the ass when the YouTube app is not working, starts crashing, keep buffering, or gives loading and error 400. After research, one common reason that our team found for such issues is, using an outdated version of the application. Fixing this issue is not a big deal and can be done by installing a new version of the YouTube app on the Vizio smart TV. If your television is new, you must check how to exit demo mode on Vizio TV.

To update the Vizio smart TV YouTube application, highlight the YouTube icon and press the yellow button on the remote. Choose update and wait for a few seconds, your app will be updated to the new version.

How To Update YouTube App on Vizio TV [2022]

Usually, the Youtube app on Vizio TV is updated automatically if your TV is connected to the internet. And if doesn’t, you can update Vizio smart TV apps manually by following these steps:

Step 1: Press the Power button to switch ON your Vizio TV.

Step 2: Make sure your Vizio TV is connected to a WiFi network.

Step 3: Press the V button which is located between the channel and volume buttons on your remote control.

Step 4: Navigate using arrow keys and select the YouTube application.

Step 5: Next, press the yellow button on the remote.

Step 6: Depending upon the TV model you have, you will see these options: Update and Delete or just a Delete option. You need to select Update and if that’s not available select Delete.

Step 7: It will ask for confirmation highlight Yes and then press OK.

If your Vizio TV YouTube software is updated, Enjoy! And if it is deleted you need to move on to the next step.

Step 8: Go to the Vizio App Store

Step 9: Scroll and select the YouTube app and choose OK

Step 10: This will install the new version of YouTube on your TV.

This guide is compatible with the older VIA and VIA Plus models and the newer models (including the P-Series and M-Series) with SmartCast.

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How to log in to YouTube on Vizio smart tv?

To log in YouTube application on Vizio TV, launch the YouTube application on your TV. Press the LEFT navigation to open the YouTube menu. You will find the sign-in option at the top. Select the option and press the OK button. You will see two options on the screen, first Sign in on your TV and Sign in with your Phone, choose the second one. Next, open YouTube.Com/activate on your mobile. Enter the code on the phone that’s appearing on your TV screen. That’s it you have logged in to your account.

How to delete the YouTube app from my Vizio TV?

To delete the YouTube app from your Vizio TV, go to the home screen and navigate to the Apps tab. Scroll down and select the YouTube app. Press the yellow button on the remote and you will see a delete option, select it and press the OK button.

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Final Words

Updating the YouTube app on Vizio TV is important for enjoying a smooth watching experience. With every update, YouTube not only brings the latest features and enhancements but also fixes bugs that were present in the older version. We have shared one of the simplest ways to upgrade YouTube on Vizio Smart TV, if you still face any issues, you can write us in the comments.

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