Element TV Keeps Turning OFF [Try These Proven Fixes]

You are watching your favorite show, and your Element TV suddenly turns off? And it starts happening repeatedly.

I know how frustrating it is because this is exactly what happened when I was enjoying The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power with my girlfriend.

In this article, we will not only discuss the common causes of the TV turning off automatically but will also share its fixes.

To fix Element TV keeps turning off, you need to check TV settings, power socket, or cord and ensure it is not overheating. If this is happening after installing the latest firmware update, then you need to factory reset Element TV.

Why Element TV Keeps Shutting OFF

After research, I found several reasons that cause element TV keep turn off after a few seconds.

The factors are not different from the one we shared in Vizio TV turning off itself automatically. Let’s see what they are:

  • Incorrect TV power settings
  • Loose or faulty power cord or socket
  • Firmware issues
  • Overheating
  • Internal hardware issues

How To Fix Element TV Keeps Turning OFF

Below are the fixes that you can try to prevent your Element TV from turning off automatically:

1. Disable Sleep Timer Settings

Tempering in the power settings of Element TV cause it to shut down frequently. To fix this, go to your TV Menu and check the Timer/Sleep settings.

If the option is enabled, turn it off and enjoy watching your TV show without interruption.

2. Fix Loose or Faulty Power Cord or Socket

Sometimes loose or faulty power cable or socket also turns off the TV automatically. To fix this, check all the cables connected to your TV to ensure they are plugged in properly.

While checking the cord, examine the power socket because the sparking socket also switches off the TV. Once you’ve done that, turn on your TV and see if the problem has been fixed.

3. Overheating

To protect users from hazards, manufacturers sometimes embed an auto shutdown feature in the TV. This feature is automatically activated when the TV overheats.

After ensuring the power socket and cord are fine, touch the body of the TV to check its temperature. If it feels unnecessarily hot, you must contact a technician to get your TV thoroughly checked.

4. Updating Element TV Firmware

Still using Element TV on old firmware? It may have a bug that is causing your TV to restart again and again.

I suggest you update your TV firmware. The latest version not only brings new features and enhancements but also fixes bugs and glitches in the older software.

You can update your firmware by going to Element’s website and downloading the latest version for your specific model number.

Once you’ve downloaded it, follow the instructions on Element’s website to install it on your TV. After that, please turn on your TV and enjoy watching it without any issues.

5. Power Cycle

One of the most common causes of the Element TV turning off and on again is a problem called a power cycle. A power cycle is when the TV is turned off for 30 seconds and then turned back on again.

To fix this problem, unplug your TV from the outlet, wait 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. After doing so, switch on your Element TV and check if the problem persists.

6. Reset Element Your Smart TV

If all the above-suggested solutions didn’t fix your Element TV problem, you need to reset it. It helps in troubleshooting all element TV issues.

Resetting Element smart TV will clear its cache, remove downloaded applications, store passwords, and personalize settings.

7. Internal Hardware Issues

Problems with hardware like fauly capacitor or chip cause your Element TV to turn on and off immediately. For a non-technical person, it is difficult to identify internal issues.

If all the points mentioned above are good, then you must contact Element TV customer support if the television is still under warranty. In case of an expired warranty, you can help any technician fix the problem.

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Final Words

Fed up with Element TV keeps turning off and searching for a solution. We got your back! Follow our tested guide to fix the Element TV restarting issue. Hope our tips will help you to fix Element TV keeps turning off problem. First you need to identify the issue and apply the relevant solution. If the issue is technical don’t take the charge in your hands and contact an expert. If you find any other solution to get rid of Element TV restarting automatically problem, share it with us in the comments.

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