How To Reset Firestick From Phone and Computer [2023]


Want to factory reset Amazon TV Firestick but the remote isn’t working? Don’t worry, we will tell you how you can reset Firestick from phone and PC.

Amazon Firestick is one of the best-selling streaming devices in the U.S.A, Canada, and Europe. It provides you access to movies, sports, and hundreds of other channels. But with all goods, it comes with a few bad things like stuck on fire TV logo, starts lagging, freezing, and pairing issues. This can happen due to any reason and to get rid of this issue you can reset your amazon firestick. Resetting an amazon firestick with a remote is relatively easy instead of doing it without the remote.

To reset the fire TV stick, download the Fire TV app on your smartphone. Open the device Settings and select System. Choose, restore to factory defaults to reset your device. We followed the same process to restore the Amazon firestick to its original settings.

How To Reset Firestick From Phone and Computer [2023]

Below we have shared multiple ways to reset the Fire TV stick using mobile and PC. Without further ado let’s get started:

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Resetting Firestick From Phone

To reset your Amazon fire TV stick without a remote, you need to set up the firestick app on your phone. You can then use your phone as the standard firestick remote to control your device. Here is the easy step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Connect your phone and firestick device to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Install the Fire TV app on your phone from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store.

Install the Fire TV app on your phone from PlayStore or iOS App Store

3. Open the app on your mobile.

4. Enter the four-digit code in the app that appears on the Fire TV screen. This will establish a connection between both devices.

5. With the app navigate to the Settings menu on Firestick.

Amazon Fire TV App Remote
Open Settings of Amazon TV Firestick

6. Scroll down and choose ‘My Fire TV’ or select the System option.

My Fire TV Option in Firestick

Next, choose reset to factory settings. You will see a confirmation message on the screen, select YES.

Reset Amazon Firestick to Factory Default Settings

How To Factory Reset Firestick From Computer

How To Factory Reset Firestick From Computer

To reset the fire TV stick from the computer or laptop, follow these simple steps:

  • Plug your Firestick into the TV
  • Connect the computer and Firestick to the same internet connection.
  • On your Firestick remote, press Home.
  • Press the right key on the remote to navigate to the mirroring.
  • When the Firestick indicates that it is waiting to connect, go to your computer.
  • In Window’s notification, click on connect.
  • Now navigate to the Settings menu.
  • From the System tab, select restore to factory defaults.

After resetting your Amazon Firestick to factory settings, you need to set it up from scratch. Because reset erases all the data from the device including stored Wi-Fi passwords, customized settings, clear cache, etc.

The brand of TV doesn’t matter, whether you have Samsung, Vizio, Sony, or LG TV. The steps will remain the same for resetting the firestick from the mobile.


Why do you need to reset your firestick?

There are different issues that require you to reset your fire tv stick, some of them are. The device is stuck on the logo screen, lagging while playing videos, the device not responding to remote control, not pairing with the remote, and WiFi connectivity problems.

Can I access my Firestick from my phone?

Yes, you can reset your Firestick from your mobile. You need to download and install the Fire TV app available for Android and Apple devices. This application will act like a remote and enable you to control all your fire TV stick features.

Can I reset my Firestick remotely?

No, you cannot reset your Firestick remotely. You must be present in front of the device to access the settings and perform the necessary actions for resetting the fire tv stick.

Final Words

We hope you are going to love these tricks to hard reset Firestick device. But keep one thing in mind these are some temporary alternatives, you might need a remote in the future. Therefore, we advise you to get a new Amazon fire TV stick remote. If the given methods don’t work for you, don’t give up and post your issues in the comments box and we will help you in fixing your amazon firestick.

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