Motorola TV Remote Not Working [Causes + Fixes]

A remote control is a necessary part of Motorola TV. You can control your device from wherever you are sitting. But sometimes, due to minor bugs or glitches, the remote fails to work, and it can become very irritating to operate the device.

If you have a Motorola TV and its remote fails to work, the situation can be irritating. But before heading to the market and getting a new one, you can try some simple tricks to make it work again.

To fix your Motorola TV remote that is not working, ensure none of the remote's buttons are stuck and that you have enabled TV mode on the remote.

Fixing Motorola TV Remote Not Working

Following are some easy tricks to troubleshoot your Motorola TV remote. Try them one by one until your remote starts working adequately.

Check The Remote Batteries

Checking The TV Remote Batteries

According to the Motorola TV remote user guide, you must change the batteries every 6 months to get the optimum performance.

Therefore, whenever your Motorola TV remote malfunctions, you must first check its batteries. Replace them if they are in use for more than 6 months. Secondly, open the battery compartment and check the following:

  • The terminals are clean and free from rust
  • The batteries are properly inserted

Check The Mode Key

Motorola TV remote has specific mode keys to operate multiple devices. For example, the TV, STB, and AUX keys.

The LED light above each mode key indicates which mode is currently in use. In case the remote is unresponsive, ensure your remote is currently set to TV mode.

Reset The Motorola TV Remote

Reset The Motorola TV Remote

Resetting your Motorola remote to default settings can eliminate many issues that make the Motorola TV not respond to the remote. Follow the below-mentioned steps to factory reset your TV remote.

  • Press and hold the STB and Set keys on your Motorola TV remote for 3 seconds.
  • The LED indicator light above the STB key will turn on.

Note: This light indicates that the remote is in programming mode.

  • Enter the code ‘901’. The LED light will remain lit after flashing three times.
  • Press the STB key again to save the reset process. The LED light will flash thrice again and will turn Off.
  • Your Motorola TV remote is reset to default settings and will return to normal operations.

Get A Motorola TV Remote Replacement

Motorola DRC800 4 in 1 universal remote

If, after resetting, the remote still doesn't work or malfunctions, you need to get a new remote.

A replacement remote for your Motorola TV is one of the best choices because you can control multiple devices with one remote.

One of the best Motorola replacement remotes is Motorola DRC800 4 in 1 universal remote.

Install Motorola TV Remote App

Another helpful Motorola TV remote replacement is the ‘Remote Control for Motorola’ app. However, this is a temporary solution.

You can install this app on your mobile phone or tablet and turn it into a virtual remote for your smart Motorola TV.

It is mandatory that your smartphone and the TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

How Do I Pair My Motorola TV Remote?

Follow these steps to program your remote with the Motorola TV by using the search function:

  • Power On your TV
  • Press and hold the TV and the Set keys for 3 seconds.
  • The LED indicator light above the TV key will turn On.
  • Use the navigation keys to initiate a search.

Note: The Up and Down navigation keys are used to initiate a search for TV mode.

  • Keep pressing the navigation keys until your Motorola TV turns Off.
  • As soon as your TV turns Off, press the TV mode key to save the code.
  • The LED light will flash thrice and turn Off.
  • Your remote is now paired with the Motorola TV.

Note: This process is applicable for Motorola MRCU180 remote.  

Final Words

So, if your original Motorola TV is unresponsive, you can fix it by checking the batteries or repairing & reset it. The same guide applies to Motorola Bluetooth remote. However, if these methods don't work, you can use a replacement remote or download the remote control app on your smartphone to control your TV with the virtual remote on your mobile phone. I hope this write-up was helpful. Comment below if you have more queries regarding Motorola TV and remote.

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