How To Reset Sylvania TV With & Without Remote

Sylvania tv is stuck in a color test or standby mode, and the tv says no signal or no sound, you can fix these issues instantly by factory reset Sylvania TV.

Sylvania TVs are not the kind of TV sets that usually run into problems; instead, these TVs last longer than one may think. However, sometimes, due to sudden power outages or firmware updates, Sylvania TV starts reacting abnormally.

The good thing is that whatever non-hardware problem they have, can be fixed with a simple reset.

To factory reset Sylvania TV, enter this code 1147, it will open the service menu. Navigate to Reset Option, select it and press OK for confirmation.

How To Reset Sylvania TV With Remote

A factory reset will restore your Sylvania TV back to its default settings, clear all cache and remove customized settings. So, make sure you must try a soft reset before a hard reset. Here's how you can carry out a hard reset to clear the data of Sylvania TV:

  • Switch ON your Sylvania TV.
  • Enter the “Service Menu” of your Sylvania TV.
  • To enter the “Service Menu,” press the following keys on the remote in a sequence; “Menu,” “1,” “1,” “4,” and “7.” The service menu will appear on the screen.
  • Scroll through the service menu and look for an option named “Reset,” “Factory Reset,” or “Reset to Factory Default.”

Note: Different Sylvania TV models have different names for the same option; however, the function of all of them is the same.

  • Once you find any of the mentioned options, select it and press “Enter.”
  • A warning box will appear; confirm the reset by selecting “Yes” and pressing the “Enter” button.
  • All settings will now reset to the default settings, and you'll have to set up your TV settings from scratch.

If the code mentioned above for entering the service doesn’t work, you can also try these codes as well:

  1. Menu, 8, 8, 9, 3.
  2. Menu, 0, 0, 0, 0.
  3. Source, 2, 5, 8, 0.

A reset will quickly troubleshoot Sylvania TV issues. Not just that, if you have accidentally put your Sylvania TV on “Safe Mode” and can't figure out a way to exit it, go for a factory reset to bring it back to normal.

Hard Reset Sylvania TV Without Remote

Unfortunately, you cannot reset Sylvania TV without a remote control because the TV doesn't have an external reset button. You can get a universal remote to reset Sylvania TV to factory settings.

Fixing Flashing Colors on Sylvania TV

At times Sylvania TV consumers complain about their TV showing red, blue, yellow, and partially white screens. This is actually the “Purity Check Mode,” and that happens when the TV goes into service mode, and the flashing colors are actually a test pattern.

When this happens, you won't be able to carry out a factory reset either. So, what to do in such a situation? You'll need to reset the EPROM in your Sylvania TV. here's how to do it:

  • Unplug your Sylvania TV's AC adapter from the electric socket.
  • Next, you have to press and hold the “Power” button on the TV for 20 seconds.
  • After 20 seconds, plug the AC adapter back in the socket and turn on the TV.

The flashing lights will probably vanish by using this method. If it didn’t work for you try this:

  • Make sure the TV is turned on.
  • Now use the remote and press these buttons in sequence; “Channel Up” and “Channel Down.”
  • After that, unplug the TV and plug it back into the electric socket after a few seconds.

In most cases, one of these methods will definitely work. However, if none of these seems to be working, it indicates the EPROM failure. EPROM is responsible for running the service and test mode of the TV, and if it's defective, no reset will fix it. In such cases, get professional help as soon as possible.

Final Words

You can always try a reset to fix minor issues in your Sylvia TV. However, if you notice that the problem keeps coming back or won't get fixed with a reset, make sure you get professional help. Any hardware failure or severe technical issue can cause more than one issue, and it's better to get it fixed right away. We hope that this guide would've been helpful to you.

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