How To Reset Akai TV With and Without Remote [Quick Ways]

How To Reset Akai TV With and Without Remote

To perform a factory reset on Akai TV open the Service Menu of your television by entering a unique 4 digits code 1, 9, 7, 9. Choose the RESET option from the menu and your TV will be restored.

None of the TV brands are exempted from facing some little problems and glitches every now and then. The same goes for the famous Japanese TV brand Akai. Some of the most common issues reported on different communities and forums are:

  • Horizontal lines appearing on the screen
  • The screen goes blank without turning OFF
  • No video only sound and vice versa
  • TV shows the Akai logo and then turns off

If you are an Akai TV user and facing any problem, there is no need to panic. Before claiming the warranty or calling technical support, try a quick solution which is factory resetting Akai TV. The procedure of restoring Akai TV is a bit different from resetting Blaupunkt TV, so follow it carefully.

How To Reset Akai TV With Remote

Below are the step-by-step instructions that we followed to hard reset our Akai TV. You can follow the same steps and easily restore your television set to its original settings. At Techmamba.Com you will find more guides related to resetting TV, routers, and other smart devices.

  • First, you need to turn on your Akai TV.
  • Then, press the “Menu” button on the Akai TV remote.
  • Next, press these buttons on your remote in sequence: 1, 9, 7, 9 or 8, 2, 0, 2.
  • The “Service Menu” will appear on your screen.
  • Navigate through this menu and select “Factory Reset.” Press the “OK” button to confirm the reset.

Note: Never try any random number combinations other than the ones mentioned in the method, as it can be harmful to the TV’s software and your Akai TV may stop working at all. 

If the above-given guide is not compatible with your television set, you can choose one of the reset instructions stated below as per your TV menu options:

Method 1: Press the Menu button on the remote > Select Settings and press Enter > Choose Factory Default > Press Enter. Your TV will be restored to default settings.

Method 2: Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset > Enter Security Pin.

Method 3: Menu > System > About > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Yes/OK

Method 4: Menu > Device Preferences > Reset > Factory data reset > Erase everything > Yes/OK.

Once you confirm the factory reset, it will restore Akai TV to default settings, after which you can set everything up from scratch.

If you want to exit the “Service Mode/Menu,” turn off your Akai TV and turn it on again.

How To Factory Reset Akai TV Without Remote [2023]

If your Akai TV is not responding to the remote control, don’t worry you can factory reset Akai TV without a remote. Here is what you need to do:

  • Unplug the TV AC power cord from the socket.
  • Hold the “Power” and “Volume -” buttons on the TV’s panel
  • While holding the buttons plug in the AC power cord and wait until the erasing information appears on the screen.

We suggest you get a universal remote, as it’ll be easier because if your mobile doesn’t have the IR blaster, the app won’t be of any use. Once you get a universal remote, you can perform the same method that we mentioned above and restore your Akai TV’s default settings.

How to Soft Reset Akai TV

All the listed and a few other problems are very common and you simply need to begin with performing a soft reset on your TV. Most people already know what a soft reset is, but if you don’t, follow these couple of steps:

  • Unplug your TV’s adapter.
  • Leave it unplugged for 60 seconds.
  • Now, you need to press and hold down the “Power” button on your Akai TV for at least 30 seconds.

Note: You will find the power button on the side of your Akai TV (typically the left side) or right beneath the TV’s screen.

  • After 30 seconds, release the “Power” button.
  • Now plug it back in the socket.

After this, when you turn on your Akai TV, the problem will be gone in most cases. So, what to do if this doesn’t work? Perform a factory reset.

Force Power Reset Akai TV

A power reset will definitely do the job if you can’t get it working with the help of a soft reset. A power reset is different from a soft reset, as it allows the TV to discharge all the energy stored in it and the static buildup as well. However, a soft reset is like simply giving the TV a break and turning it on again. Here’s how you can perform a power reset on your Akai TV:

  • Turn on your Akai TV.
  • Unplug its AC adapter from the power socket.
  • Leave the TV just unplugged for a few hours, or it would be even better if you leave it like that overnight.
  • All the remaining energy in your Akai TV will be drained, and you’ll be able to use it once again.

Final Words

Akai TVs don’t usually run into problems, but then again, as a machine, some glitches are bound to happen. But the good thing is that these glitches are not permanent, and most of the time, a reset is all it takes for them to vanish. However, just like every other device in the world, these TVs may also require professionals to fix them at times. So, if none of these methods has worked for you, don’t hesitate and call your Akai TV supplier or Akai customer support right away.

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