How To Reset Bosch Dishwasher? [5 Easy Steps]

If you have accidentally selected a different cycle that was not needed, buttons on the panels are unresponsive, or have any other issue, resetting your dishwasher will fix it all. Restoring your Bosch dishwasher to factory settings requires pressing one or a combination of buttons.

Depending on the model of your Bosch dishwasher, the resetting method may differ. According to various errors and issues, sometimes you need to press a combination of buttons or disconnect the power supply to troubleshoot your Bosch dishwasher.

To reset your Bosch dishwasher, hold the Cancel Drain button until you see a Clear message appears on the screen. Restart your dishwasher, that's it your appliance is restored to factory settings.

How To Reset Bosch Dishwasher Like A Breeze [All Models]

I have searched for the resetting methods for different models. Let’s explain all of them one by one.

In some Bosch dishwashing machines, there is an option to cancel the drain. If there are certain buttons on the control panel with two indicators (dots) underneath, your dishwasher has a cancel drain function.

These two buttons are usually located on either side of the middle button. Follow the steps below to reset your Bosch dishwasher by using these buttons.

  • First of all, locate the cancel drain buttons with the indicators on the control panel of your dishwasher.
  • Hold both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • Your dishwasher will start draining. If the door is opened, close it!
  • Wait until the machine finishes draining or the ‘Clear’ message appears on the display screen.
  • Turn the dishwasher Off.
  • Turn it On again – the reset process is completed, and you are ready to start a new cycle!

| Note: The cancel drain function also clears minor glitches from your Bosch dishwasher.

Sometimes, the buttons on the control panel do not respond when you try to stop the current cycle. In such a situation, disconnecting the power supply to reset the dishwasher is the only choice.

  • Turn Off the power supply from the wall socket.
  • Unplug your dishwasher
  • Wait for 3 minutes
  • Reconnect the power supply
  • Now turn On the dishwasher to see if it is reset

| Note: If you need to open the door to access the control panel of your Bosch dishwasher, be careful. Hot water from the dishwasher may spray out and cause burns!

How To Reset Bosch Series 2 Dishwasher

If your dishwasher doesn't support the cancel drain system, you need to use the Start/Reset button on the control panel. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Press and hold the ‘Start’ button on the control panel for 3 – 5 seconds. 
  • Some models will show ‘00:00’, while in some models, the active indicator will turn Off.
  • Now wait and let the dishwasher finish draining.
  • When the dishwasher is done with the draining, turn the dishwasher Off by pressing the ‘Start’ button.
  • Turn it On again. Your Bosch dishwashing machine is reset and ready to take new instructions.

How To Reset Bosch Dishwasher Silence Plus 50 DBA

You can reset your Bosch Silence Plus 50 DBA dishes cleaning machine in the following ways:

  • Hard reset by turning the power Off
  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds 
  • Use the cancel drain button

How To Reset Bosch Dishwasher To Fix Error Code E15?

The error code E15 shows that there is water in the base of your Bosch dishwashing unit. This error can also be due to some power glitch. If a glitch is causing this error, disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply will solve it.

But if the error is still showing up, you need to clear the water in the base and reset the dishwasher. We have searched and brought to you an easy and quick way to fix this problem.

One way to remove the water from the base is to tilt the dishwasher at a 45-degree angle. When you tilt the dishwasher, water will come out, your machine is reset, and the error will be removed.

However, this is not a permanent solution to this problem. Also, ensure you have disconnected the power supply before tilting the machine.

You need to reset the water level safety switch after cleaning the water from the base. For this:

  • Firstly, disconnect the power supply
  • Turn Off the water supply
  • Remove the outer door panel and the dishwasher’s kick-plate
  • Remove the safety switch
  • Remove the polystyrene disk
  • Dry the disk and basin with a cloth
  • Put the disc and safety switch back
  • Check the wiring
  • Assemble the dishwasher

Note: If the wiring is damaged or any hose is leaking, consult a technician. 


How Do You Force A Bosch Dishwasher To Reset?

If you want to stop and reset your Bosch dishwasher in between a cycle, you can force it to do so by pressing the start button for 3 seconds. After three seconds, your dishwashing machine will be reset. Also, you can turn the power Off to forcefully hard reset your Bosch dishwasher.

Is There A Reset Button On A Bosch Dishwasher?

In most of the Bosch dishwashers, the start button is the reset button. It is usually labeled as the Start/Reset button. In some models, a ‘Cancel Drain’ button is used as a reset button.

Why Won't My Bosch Dishwasher Start But Has Power?

If your dishwasher has power but is not working, the issue can be with the water supply. Check your home’s water supply and ensure that the water valve is turned On. 

Final Thoughts

So if your Bosch dishwasher is not turning On or its buttons are unresponsive, you need to fix it with a simple reset method. Using the power button, cancel drain button or a combination of buttons, you can solve this issue. Also, factory resetting Bosch dishwashers is not a big deal. Just cut off the power supply and replug after a while. Hope this article was helpful. If you want to know anything more about Bosch home appliances, comment below!

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