How To Reset Pioneer Plasma TV [2023]

Factory reset Pioneer Plasma TV is one of the best solutions if your television set has issues like red light blinking, restarting TV, sound glitch, etc.

Even though the Pioneer Plasma TVs were discontinued in 2009, many people still have Pioneer TV and it is working just fine. These TVs are not the ones to have too many issues; however, some minor problems do arise from time to time. For example, some users have complained that their Pioneer TV shuts off/restarts, blinks blue light, is stuck on standby, etc. You can troubleshoot Pioneer TV and fix all the issues by factory resetting your Pioneer Plasma TV. After the reset, your television will perform like a new TV. The process of restoring Pioneer TV is totally different from resetting TCL TV and factory reset of Toshiba TV.

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How To Reset Pioneer Plasma TV [2023]

Carrying out a reset on a Pioneer Plasma TV is similar to how you soft reset any other TV set. If you don’t know how to perform a soft reset on your Pioneer TV, just follow these simple steps:

  • Unplug the Power Code of your Pioneer TV.
  • Leave it unplugged for 1 hour (even better if you can leave it unplugged for a whole night).
  • After 1 hour, plug the AC adapter back in the socket and switch on your TV after 60 seconds.

After this, your Pioneer Plasma TV will work fine. This will fix almost all minor issues, and you can use it without any trouble.

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How to Factory Reset Pioneer Fire TV without Remote

  • Locate the “Power” button on the remote. In our model, it is located on the left. But it can be underneath or back of the screen.
  • Remove the TV plug from the socket.
  • Hold the “Power” button for 3 seconds and while holding the button plug in your TV.
  • Release the power button when the “Fire TV” logo appears on the screen.
  • A bunch of options will appear on your TV. Here you will need to use the power button for navigation and selection of any option.
  • Tap the power button twice to highlight the “Wipe data/factory reset” option.
  • Now, hold the power button until the blue bar turns green.
  • Highlight the “Yes” option and hold the power button and wait for the bar to turn green.
  • Next, select the “Reboot system now” to complete the process.

Your Pioneer Fire TV will restart and will be restored to default factory settings.

Final Words

No matter how stubborn an issue is, a soft or hard resetting of your pioneer plasma tv will definitely be helpful. However, it’s possible that your Pioneer Plasma TV might’ve some other issue, such as a broken backlight that only a professional can fix. So in such a situation, don’t try to open up the TV because it can worsen the problem. Instead, either call Pioneer customer care (but it might not be helpful because the model we’re talking about here has been discontinued) or get a technician to help you out.

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