Hisense TV Not Recognizing USB? [7 Causes & Fixes]

Are you trying to access a media file through a flash drive, and Hisense TV fails to detect the USB?

I know it is frustrating…

However, this issue is not always as big as it seems to be. I will be glad to help you in getting rid of the Hisense smart TV not recognizing USB.

To fix the Hisense smart TV failing to recognize the USB, ensure the flash drive is properly installed, it is compatible, it has right format, and USB port is not faulty.

Fixing Hisense TV Not Detecting USB

Following are some quick ways to fix a Hisense smart TV on which USB is not working.

1. Restart Your Hisense TV

If your TV’s OS is experiencing a software glitch, it will not detect the flash drive. Restarting the TV, most of the time solves the issue.

  • Turn On your TV and unplug it from the main power source while it is still on
  • Hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds or until the TV turns Off
  • Wait for a few seconds when it is turned Off
  • Now replug the TV and turn it On again

Note: Hisense Android TVs automatically detect the USB drive. So, after restarting the TV, it should detect your USB. If not, try the next trick!

2. Format The USB Flash Drive

Hisense TV does not support USB drives with variable formats (like NTFS or HFS+). It only supports FAT32 format.

So, if your flash drive has a different format, change it to FAT32 by following these steps.

Important Consideration: Before changing the format, backup your USB’s content, because all the stored files will be deleted after changing the format of the flash drive.

  • You need to have a desktop or laptop with windows OS to change the format
  • Plug your flash drive into the laptop
  • Type ‘This PC’ in the search bar
  • A ‘This PC’ window will open, right click on your USB drive
  • Select ‘Format
  • Select ‘FAT32’ in as a File System and click ‘Start
  • After the process is completed, click ‘OK’ to close the window

3. Missing Media Player App

Whether your TV has an Android or Roku OS, without a media player app, it cannot read the flash drive. 

  • In the Hisense Android TVs, there is a pre-installed Multimedia Player app.
  • Whereas, Hisense Roku TVs do not have any. Therefore, you have to install a media player to access content from your USB flash drive. The best choice is the Roku Media Player. You can also opt for Plex or Emby.

4. Check The USB Connection

Ensure that the USB device you intend to connect is securely plugged into the TV. Make sure the connection is firm and not loose. 

Also, there is a fair chance that the TV's USB port is not working and that it fails to establish a connection between the TV and the device.

Therefore, attempt to connect the USB device to a different port on the Hisense TV to determine if the problem is solved or not.

Moreover, dirt or debris accumulation also keeps the port from working properly. So, clean the USB port with a soft cloth or a toothbrush and replug your flash drive to check if it works or not.

5. Test With A Different USB Drive

If your USB drive is not recognized, try using another flash drive because the issue may be with the device itself.


Test the USB flash drive with any other device like PC or Laptop.

6. Update Hisense TV Firmware

You will not be able to connect your USB to Hisense if the TV has outdated firmware. Ensure your Hisense TV is operating on the latest firmware version.

Follow these steps to upgrade your Android and Roku OS Hisense TVs.

Install Software Updates On Hisense Roku TV

  • Go to the Home screen by pressing the ‘Home’ button on your TV remote
  • Click on ‘Settings
  • Select ‘System
  • Go to ‘System Update
  • Click on the ‘Check Now’ option
  • Your Hisense TV will search for available update
  • If available, press ‘Install Update

Install Updates On Hisense Android TV

  • Open ‘Settings‘ from the home page
  • Go to ‘More Settings
  • Select ‘Device Preferences‘ and then go to ‘About
  • Select ‘System Update
  • Click ‘Network Update’ when a message box appears

Note: Turn on the ‘Auto Firmware Upgrade’ on your Hisense TV under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Support’ -> ‘System Update’ for automatic future firmware updates.

7. Factory Reset Hisense TV

Factory resetting Hisense TV wipes all your data and preferences, reverting it to a new television.

It can also fix the unrecognized USB issue. To factory reset your Hisense TV, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Hisense TV
  • Select ‘Storage’ 
  • Click on ‘Reset
  • Choose ‘Factory Data Reset
  • If your Hisense TV asks for a PIN, enter the default PIN ‘0000

Different models of Hisense TV require a different reset process. If these steps don't work for you, try the following process:

  • Tap the ‘Menu’ button on your remote
  • Select ‘Support’ and then ‘Self Diagnosis
  • Choose the ‘Reset’ option and enter your PIN (0000)

After that, your Hisense TV will begin the factory reset process. The whole process will take 10-30 seconds.

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What Format Does USB Need To Be For Hisense TV?

Hisense TV typically supports USB drives formatted with the FAT32 file system. If your drive is formatted with NTFS or HFS+, your Hisense TV won’t read it. However, if you want your USB drive to be recognized by the Hisense smart TV, you can change its format.

How Do I Know If My USB Device Is Compatible With My Hisense TV?

Ensure that the USB device is compatible with your Hisense TV by checking the user manual or the official Hisense website for specific model information. Confirm that your USB device uses supported file systems like FAT32. 

Can I Use A USB Hub With My Hisense TV?

Yes, some Hisense TVs support USB hubs, allowing you to connect multiple devices. Check your TV's manual or contact Hisense support to confirm if your model supports USB hubs. However, some Hisense TVs only recognize the USB drive when it is directly connected to the TV’s USB port.

The Final Cut

Hisense smart TV offers you multiple ways to enjoy your favorite multimedia content, and one of the ways is by using a flash drive. But what if you are trying to access a media file through USB and Hisense TV refuses to detect the USB?

I have mentioned some authentic tricks to troubleshoot if your Hisense TV does not recognize the USB. Make sure to try all the methods. If the issue remains, you should contact Hisense TV support, as they can assist you further in solving this issue.

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